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Feb 1, 2014 09:25 AM

Afghan noodles?

Can anyone tell me which pasta would be the closest to Afghan noodles? There is a restaurant I like that has a few dishes with "homemade Afghan pasta."

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  1. I am not familiar with this type of pasta. I found some information on Wikipedia. After reading it I wondered if you had eaten dumplings or noodles, since that is what the article refers to. Here is what the article said:

    Pasta is called "khameerbob" in Afghanistan and is often in the shape of dumplings. These native dishes are popular. Due to the time-consuming process of creating the dough for the dumplings, it is rarely served at large gatherings such as weddings, but for more special occasions at home:

    Mantu - A dish of Chinese origin. Dumplings filled with onion & ground beef. Mantu is steamed and usually topped with a tomato-based sauce and a yogurt or qoroot-based sauce. The yogurt-based topping is usually a mixture of yogurt, sour cream, and garlic. The qoroot-based sauce is made of goat cheese and is also mixed with garlic. Sometimes a qoroot and yogurt mixture will be used. The dish is then topped with dried mint.
    Ashak - Kabul dish. Dumplings filled with leeks. Boiled and then drained. Ashak is topped with garlic-mint qoroot or a garlic yogurt sauce and a well seasoned ground meat mixture.

    Each family or village will have its own version of mantu and ashak, which creates a wide variety of dumplings.

    Pasta in the form of noodles is also commonly found in aush, a noodle soup served in several varieties around the country.

    1. You might be thinking of "rishta" noodles. You can buy rishta at Afghan and Persian markets, or just sub wheat spaghetti or linguini. If you can get fresh spaghetti or linguini that would be good also.

      If you wanted to do more of a dumpling type thing, frozen or homemade wonton wrappers would be similar to aushak or mantu wrappers.