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Feb 1, 2014 08:06 AM

Best chicken francese in manhattan?

What is the best chicken francese in manhattan?

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  1. My favorite is Parm at 248 Mulberry street.

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    1. re: stuartlafonda

      across the street at Rubirosa is good, too.

      1. re: coasts

        Since when does Rubirosa have chicken francese? Unless the menu has changed recently, they only have roasted or parmigiano.

        I don't see it on Parm's menu either.

        Did you both misread the OP or did I miss something?

        1. re: rrems

          Rubirosa has it as a sandwich on their lunch menu.

          1. re: coasts

            Interesting. I haven't had lunch there in quite some time so hadn't noticed it. Still, I wonder if a sandwich is what the OP had in mind.

            1. re: coasts

              Rubirosa doesn't seem to have it.

              1. re: yankees2738

                You called them? Did you check the lunch menu?

            2. re: rrems

              Right in the middle under sandwiches, but you can get it on a roll, hero or as a platter. Sometimes I get the baked clams and pour the garlic butter on it when I get it as a sandwich. The one time I had it at Rubirosa it was lacking, seemed to have been poached, and not much butter or lemon flavor.

          2. re: stuartlafonda

            i prefer it on a platter but i would try a sandwich

          3. The original comment has been removed