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Feb 1, 2014 08:06 AM

Sono Sushi again

I tried Sono Sushi about a week ago with a friend and really enjoyed it so last night I decided to give it another try. I wasn't disappointed. Started with a mixed assortment of sashimi and left the selection up to Tom, the head chef. There were five different types of fish, each one very fresh and well sliced. I followed the sashimi with an order of the Age Dashi Tofu which I also had on my first visit.

The highlight of the evening however was the Hamachi Kama which is listed on the appetizer section of the menu for $10.95. Hamachi Kama is one of my all time favorites and this one was the best version I have ever had in Boston. I don't know where their source is but this was a very large, thick serving, perfectly cooked, not overly salty and served with a nice ponzu dipping sauce. It was really large enough to share between two people. I will keep returning to Sono Sushi just for this dish alone.
The restaurant was very busy but the service was still very good and friendly. If it stays this way I'm sure they will do very well.

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  1. Very good to hear that there's a promising alternative to Toraya.

    1. Yay! hamachi kama is My Love's fav, so we will be there soon! will save you a seat!

      1. Tried to go a week ago Friday night, but the wait was an hour for a table for four. Received their takeout menu in the mail (glad to know "we delivery") - it appears just about 100% Japanese and priced at or slightly above Toraya - eager to to try it and hoping it will keep impressing! Sounds really promising!

        1. Made it there tonight as a break from the storm - and I am really impressed! The food was outstanding (beautifully presented with great flavors) and everyone working there was very friendly and helpful.

          At the recommendation of Tom the sushi chef, we had the cajun tuna tatar (sic) appetizer - it was a large portion of gorgeous, nicely seasoned seared tuna topped with tobiko and daikon with a great dipping sauce.

          The hamachi kama IS indeed all that's described here - huge, fresh, perfectly seasoned and cooked - extremely satisfying! The mackerel nigiri was also pristinely fresh. The ama ebi were GIANT - and fresh / sweet - and the head portions were expertly fried to a crisp - completely delicious - a total bargain at $5-6! I don't understand how they have them "from Maine" when I thought the season was cancelled, but I am sure glad they were there!

          We enjoyed our Sono Special designer maki roll as well and will continue to dabble in that part of th menu in the future based upon it. The Money Bags appetizer recommended by our quite enthusiastic server was a good fried twist on crab rangoon, but probably not a repeat for us.

          The house sake was deemed "better than Toraya's" (which we like) and the small menu of bar creations are really well-balanced and pair with the menu nicely. We appreciated the samples of the lychee martini and blueberry lime rickey, neither or which we would order ever (due to my strong personal aversion to artificially-flavored spirits that I probably should get over), but having tasted them will now consider seriously when eating this type of food.

          Host owner Terry was extremely hospitable and gracious, very clearly committed to making his customers happy and ensuring they come back. We will return - and can't wait to bring friends as well. This is a totally different experience from our beloved Toraya in a good, diverse way (and they take reservations!) - Arlington needs more options like this!

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            I'm so glad that you concur with my review of the Hamachi Kama at Sono. It really is the best version of this dish I have had in the Boston area.

            Tom and Terry are going out of their way to provide very high customer satisfaction and they make dining at Sono a very pleasant experience.

            Like many others on this board I too really like Toraya because it reminds me of being in Japan. Toraya has a more traditional menu which I like but at times it is difficult to get into in the evening so I usually end up going there for lunch. Sono is much larger and has a more extensive menu plus a full bar so I will probably be going there for most dinners.

          2. I see that they have "white tuna" on the menu. After the Globe articles about fish mislabeling and how almost all "white tuna" is really (ick) escolar, I'm not exactly trusting of it.

            Anyone with a good palate know if they are selling real white tuna or just escolar? (Or, on the flip side, have you had the escolar reaction?)

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            1. re: Lagrangian

              from what i understand, "white tuna" IS escolar.

              i did quite a bit of escolar reading 5 yrs ago when i got wicked sick in CA after eating some (but not when i had had it before). It is a very big, hot topic in the seafood world. The fish is eaten by the ton in the Australia area, where it lives.

              The prevailing (last time i checked; i have not researched it lately)opinion is that you are not likely to have a negatove reaction to it (severe diarhea) unless you eat 6 ounces and over at one time. i am guessing that a typical piece of nigiri is, what, 1/4- 1/2 ounce? escolar is a really delicious fish, raw or cooked. delicious as in rich, like hamachi. its flavor is very distinct (as in bluefish and tuna are very distinct.) hope you try a piece and like it!

              p.a. do a CH search and you will find aLOT of discussion.

              1. re: Lagrangian

                Their in-restaurant menu now says "Escolar" instead of "White Tuna." They even have a straightforward warning after the item that it might make you ill. Full points to them for disclosure.