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Apr 17, 2006 01:43 AM


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is this worth a drive from LA?

thank you.

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  1. It depends... (1) are you willing to wait 2 hours for pizza? and (2) are you willing to tack on another 6 hours of travel to that already 2 hour wait?

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    1. re: Bingo
      alice (let's eat!) Seth said, it is, after all: pizza. Pretty good pizza. Can get pizza at Cibo without a two hour wait. Can also get pizza in LA. Pretty good pizza, too! Stay home for pizza. Eat southwestern and Mexican food when you visit Phoenix. Travel for pizza? hmmm....Italy?

      1. re: alice (let's eat!)

        i may do bianco, but what do you suggest for southwest/mexican that won't break the bank?


        1. re: yoyoma

          "...for southwest/mexican that won't break the bank?"

          Hands down, Los Sombreros (2534 N. Scottsdale). If you read this board regularly, you'll have seen the many raves. It's all true, honest.

          1. re: yoyoma
            alice (let's eat!)

            Deenso's right (and besides, it's very hard to "break the bank" with southwestern/Mexican food here, unless you're determined to really go for the gusto (and you certainly can).) Los Sombreros would be your very best bet (it's on Scottsdale Rd., 2534 N. Scottsdale Rd., 480.994.1799). There's also Ranch Market (your little "trip to Mexico") with an excellent food court, to eat there at shared tables, or para llevar - and there is a store at 16th St. and Roosevelt, also S. Central and Southern) Have fun. Eat pizza in LA.

            1. re: yoyoma

              I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendation for Los Sombreros. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is also very nice, in that sort of Spanish-colonial way. If you want something more funky (restrooms filled with luchador memorabilia, etc) and still want unusual and delicious food, you could also try the Barrio Cafe. There's a recent thread about it here: Do not miss the churros.

        2. s
          Seth Chadwick

          No. It is pizza.

          You would be investing 14-16 hours of drive time, plus two hours of wait time. Assuming you spent the night in Phoenix, you would be spending $200+ for room, gas and food.

          For pizza.

          Take that money you would spend and go to Mastro's in Costa Mesa with your SO or best friend.


          1. j
            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Chris Bianco is a maestro of pizza, I have never tasted better. That said...

            I'd love to say it's worth the drive from LA, but it isn't. I'm sure that there are many pizza restaurants in LA that are *almost* as good as Bianco's without having to drive for hours, and like Seth Chadwick said, if you factor in gasoline and hotel, you can have a positively extravagant meal for less than half the total that you'd drop on one trip to Bianco's. If you happen to be anywhere in the metro Phoenix area (for example on vacation), it's most certainly worth a shot as long as you can handle the wait.

            I just had a brilliant idea for making the wait disappear... on First Fridays, the Arizona Science Center (right next door to Bianco's) is open with free admission on their Adults' Night Out program. Put your name on the list at Bianco's, go to the Science Center, enjoy yourself there, and then come back shortly before your name should be called. All I can do is hope that I'll be in the mood for pizza that night.


            1. I have to admit that once you take a bite of the Wiseguy pizza, it reminds you why the place is so great. But as I get older I refuse to wait for food.

              The problem with Bianco's isn't the pizza, because there's no denying that it's wonderful. It's the wait. And that's no fault of theirs - people flock there.


              1. I live in Phoenix and won't go to Pizzeria Bianco! 'Nuff said. I think you'll get my perspective.

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                1. re: Gayle

                  Gayle - care to expand on that thought? I'm not too sure many others are going to agree with your subjective comment.

                  1. re: azhotdish

                    I actually have been to Bianco since my originial post. Twice. But, both times were with a large group with a reservation, on a weeknight, at 8 p.m. Once was on a Chowhound gathering.

                    It was great! Fabulous even. But, it's pizza. I can't think of what I'd wait in line for for 2 hours. Even with our reservation, I think we had to wait 25-30 minutes, which is pushing it. The bar next door is nice, but not inexpensive; and if I sit in the bar for 2 hours, I'll be schnockered and they could serve me Pizza Hut and I might not know it.

                    I get Chris Bianco's theory...he hand makes every single pizza, he selects the organic/local ingredients and he make a wonderful pizza. I realize that he doesn't want to mass produce and lower the standard, but I find it hard to believe that teaching one other human his method would reduce his pizza to dog food. I just find it a little arrogant and presumptuous. But the crowds keep lining up, I just won't be in the line.

                    1. re: azhotdish

                      Actually, there's a lot more diversity of opinion than you might expect. See this thread:


                      Of course, since we're talking about personal likes and dislikes, virtually all comments are subjective.

                      1. re: silverbear

                        That certainly can't be argued, but saying you won't go somewhere without clarifying reduces someone's comment from subjective to irrational (IMHO).