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Apr 14, 2006 12:37 AM

Las Vegas Buffets?

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My wife and I are going to Vegas for the first time next week. I've been doing research on the various buffets, thought I'd ask for recommendations. So far, the Bellagio's seems to be the most attractive, but I'd like some advice from this astute crowd.

This site doesn't appear to have search capability, so if anyone has a link to a thread(s) that's already covered this topic in depth, could you please post it?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. We like the buffets at The Bellagio and Wynn. We used to like the one at the Paris Hotel, but it wasn't good the last time we were there for dinner. Have a great time in Vegas!!!!

    1. Sterling Brunch @ Bally's on Sunday's only has always been one of the best. Bellagio's Fri/Sat night buffet is great but be prepared to WAIT WAIT WAIT (if you get a line pass it will be worth its weight in gold) but well worth it once in. BTW, you can hit "Ctrl+F" for a search.

      1. I definitely concur with Sue. Buffets are not really our thing; but, we usually find ourselves at one sometime during our visits. Bellagio and Wynn are great.

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          I hear Planet Hollywood is also very good and not nearly as pricey. I'm headed there for New Years and that's where I'm going!

        2. where/what area are you staying, and are you renting a car or just going on foot?

          1. If you go to the top of the all of threads, or the top of any thread, you will see the "search this board" search engine.