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Las Vegas Buffets?

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My wife and I are going to Vegas for the first time next week. I've been doing research on the various buffets, thought I'd ask for recommendations. So far, the Bellagio's seems to be the most attractive, but I'd like some advice from this astute crowd.

This site doesn't appear to have search capability, so if anyone has a link to a thread(s) that's already covered this topic in depth, could you please post it?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. We like the buffets at The Bellagio and Wynn. We used to like the one at the Paris Hotel, but it wasn't good the last time we were there for dinner. Have a great time in Vegas!!!!

    1. Sterling Brunch @ Bally's on Sunday's only has always been one of the best. Bellagio's Fri/Sat night buffet is great but be prepared to WAIT WAIT WAIT (if you get a line pass it will be worth its weight in gold) but well worth it once in. BTW, you can hit "Ctrl+F" for a search.

      1. I definitely concur with Sue. Buffets are not really our thing; but, we usually find ourselves at one sometime during our visits. Bellagio and Wynn are great.

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          I hear Planet Hollywood is also very good and not nearly as pricey. I'm headed there for New Years and that's where I'm going!

        2. where/what area are you staying, and are you renting a car or just going on foot?

          1. If you go to the top of the all of threads, or the top of any thread, you will see the "search this board" search engine.

            1. I was just in Vegas this past weekend. I have to agree that the Paris buffet was just not as good as it has been. Really liked the buffet at M Resort

              1. Bellagio and Wynn buffets are must trys.
                Check out the fairly new M Resort Studio B buffet also. Included in the price is all you can drink beer and wine and cappucino's and espresso.

                1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/643601

                  This site does have a search feature, and you can search just the board you are currently on. Look right under the Title of the board and you'll see a search box and to the right of it, a red button that says "Search". You can be as specific or generic as you like.

                  The buffets in Vegas have been covered pretty well, but many people that post here choose not to visit them for varying reasons. It is all a matter of personal preference.

                  I have been to the Sunday brunch at Bellagio and quite liked it, but we had line passes and it was comped, so that could have clouded my judgement.

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                    Agree with the above that Bellagio and Wynn are the musts.. If you only can goto one, hit the Wynn. It has higher quality items.

                    I took a bunch of pics on my last visit:

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                      Just had dinner at the Wynn buffet a couple nights ago (Monday). The shellfish items are great -- king crab legs, jumbo shrimp, mussels, etc. Their salads and desserts are quite nice, and all of their vegetables are cooked well and of good quality. However some of the cooked fish items (sea bass, etc.) were overcooked, and their meat items were hit & miss.

                      Overall I think the Bellagio has better meat offerings, whereas the Wynn has better vegetable and salad choices. Seafood is split. I didn't eat any pasta at the Wynn since I was too stuffed :)

                      The Buffet At Wynn Las Vegas
                      3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                        We noticed comparing brunches that the Bellagio had a better selection of breads than the Wynn. I know, it may go against the grain of "brunchers anonymous" to eat starches but for what it's worth, Bellagio had the better breakfast bread spread. Wynn had a much prettier dessert spread though. And gelato with the special sugar gelato cookies :)

                  2. As a Las Vegas native, we hit all the buffets. The buffet at the M Resort is currently our favorite..mind boggling selection, very high quality, great price and it's CLEAN. Gosh, I almost hate to even mention that clean thing, but honestly, have seen some scary things at a few of the resorts buffets recently. Sure, they've all had staff cuts, but still......

                    1. I'm going to try The Buffet at Aria this Sunday for brunch. I'm thinking they'll have a strong showing considering the hype they've had for the hotel/property in general. I'll report back.

                      1. While I'm interested in hearing the current state of buffets in Vegas... might hit one or two on my next trip, the discussion of the search function is rather pointless, since the discussion began in 2006. :)

                        The Sterling Brunch (Sunday at Bally's) is very good, with all you can drink real French Champagne (Perrier Jouet IIRC), but it's pretty expensive, so you better bring an appetite.

                        I've tried the PH buffet once, it was good but not great.

                        Wynn buffet is quite good as well, but the server (for drinks etc) had a pretty stale attitude. I haven't been back.

                        1. We travelled to Vegas at least once per year for 15 years and buffet quality ranges fairly wildly. We have tried most of them and can recommend 2 for dinner: 1. Spice Market at Planet Hollywood (nee Aladin) 2. Worlds Fare at Rio. Paris, Bellagio and Wynn all have remarkable buffets-but they are very very pricey. (Actually PH isn't that far behind).

                          Breakfast is another thing altogether-Harrahs is very good and although I am going to be pilloried for the mention-I still like the Flamingo. (remember Breakfast only)

                          3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

                          Planet Hollywood
                          3667 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                          1. I really try to avoid the buffets on my trips these days.... I feel like it's a waste of a meal ! I have a hard time narrowing down all my restaurant options as it is. That being said, I'd probably choose the Wynn if I had to eat at one. Also if you sign up for a Player's Club card in the casino, you can spin the wheel and I think most folks win a free buffet ! ..... Good way to give it a try for free. (that's if they are still doing the spin thing.... last few times I've been there they've had it).