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Jan 31, 2014 07:52 PM

Salt & Pepper Oxtail at Tai Wu/Mr Fong BBQ Noodle House Daly City

A week or 2 ago I heard about & saw pictures of a dish that was new to me: Salt & Pepper Oxtail. The pictures I saw looked so good & the descriptions I read just about drove me crazy! The more I thought about it, the crazier I got.. I even had a dream about them! Sheesh...

Couldn't arrange to go try them until today when 5 of us decided to brave the Chinese New Year shoppers to have lunch at Tai Wu/Mr Fong BBQ Noodle House King Plaza in Daly City. The oxtails were just so good, we had 2 orders! They were tender, flavorful and the S&P batter/coating was perfect. Not greasy, good salt & pepper flavor, just yummy.

We also shared a 3-way combo BBQ platter, roast duck, cha siu & soy sauce chicken. Pea shoots w/garlic & a big bowl of Roast Duck Yee Foo Wonton Soup. The BBQ meats were very fresh & juicy - disappeared in a flash! Pea shoots was a huge portion. Duck Yee Foo Wonton soup was very good, I love what frying the wonton before adding them to the soup does for the flavor & texture.

This was a feast for $17/pp incl tax & tip.

I feel my waist expanding even more just thinking about this meal, but I know I will be eating these dishes again, and again!

Tai Wu/Mr Fong BBQ & Noodle House
950 King Dr
Ste 101
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 878-8882

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  1. Wow, the oxtail looks great, but even better is that they have duck yee foo wonton! Haven't had that since Sun Hun Heung. Will have to make it to Daly City, thanks for the post!

    1. Wow, the oxtails sound great! I haven't been to this restaurant but will try to make it there soon. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. re: goodeatsgal

        Keep in mind this is a small, unassuming place...

        1. re: RWCFoodie

          AKA "hole in the wall"? Got it. :)

          1. re: Cindy

            Cindy, I wouldn't quite go "hole in the wall", it's just a little cafe...

            1. re: RWCFoodie

              Hi, I wonder if I went to the right place! Same strip mall as Classic Bowl, and my GPS said 950 King.

              My younger son and I went around 12noon this past Saturday; the place was crowded and I saw dim sum carts and trays. We were seated at a table right in front of a room labelled "VIP".

              When I looked through the menus, I didn't see the duck yee foo won ton, and not speaking Chinese, I wasn't able to clearly state what I wanted from a waiter. Is there a secret menu, or is this item only served at dinner? The only wonton I saw on the menu was wor wonton.

              1. re: Cindy

                You went to the full service restaurant. The place you're looking for is in the same complex, but in a different building.

      2. Tai Wu Mr. Fong's BBQ is" one of our "go-to" Chinese cafes. Some of our favorite dishes that haven't been mentioned yet are pretty much any Chinese greens dish (ask which ones are available,) the "hand-made noodle" soups, the shrimp dumplings in noodle soup, the fried chicken wings ( or fried fish) in spicy garlic sauce (don't order these to-go, though,) the soy sauce chicken or bbq pork noodle soup, and the salt and pepper squid -- this is one of our favorites. And, by the way, the Tai Wu Bakery across the parking lot has excellent (and very big) baked cha siu bao and the large Tai Wu restaurant across from the bowling alley in the same shopping center serves excellent dim sum.

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        1. re: Nancy Berry

          Oh, just reading this I realized that there must be two places called Tai Wu Mr. Fong! The place I saw was right directly across from the bowling alley. Where is this place in relation to that?

          1. re: Cindy

            Other end of the parking lot in a different structure.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Going to try again this weekend.

              If I drive into the strip mall with Classic Bowl on my right, and the FULL service Tai Wu/Mr Fong restaurant on my left, do I keep going straight to get to the bbq place?