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Jan 31, 2014 05:46 PM

Animal Cheese Taste Differences?

Up until now, I've mainly tried/ate Cow's Milk Cheeses. I've often heard that there's atleast some difference(s) between Cow's Milk & other types of Cheeses, ya see? Right now in fact, I'm about to try a Cheese that is new to me that's apparently a Sheep's Milk Cheese. At the time of purchase, I didn't know that it was a Sheep's Milk Cheese or whatever type it could've been because I was more concerned with just trying something new & that Cheese is/was the Manchego Cheese. Have any of you here tried the Manchego Cheese & what are the main differences between these & other types of Milk Cheeses? By the way, this was actually the least expensive Cheese (other than the block of N.Y. Extra Sharp Cheddar) that I bought that day.

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  1. Animal milks vary in fat composition & amount of sugar from species to species. The composition of the milk fats, proteins & sugars affects the flavor of the final cheese product. From mildest to strongest I would rate cow - buffalo - sheep - goat.

    1. Different species' milks vary in flavor depending on richness but also on the grass, browse, and forb to which they have access.

      Vegetable-based cheese flavors are manipulated via fermentation processes and addition of flavorings and enzymed, but I do not consider non-mammalian cheese to fit the definition of cheese, ya know?

      1. Try yak cheese from Nepal. Tasty.

        1. I do know alot about the idea of the grass affecting the taste, yet I'd still imagine a different taste from different animals should they be feeding on the same grass, so...

          1. Honey Badger cheese is the funkiest of all.