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BEST Chicken Tenders in Los Angeles

I'm looking for chicken tenders. Breaded or battered are fine. Sold by the pound. Most important: Tenderness, moist chicken; and seasonings.

I tested some today from Ralph's. Battered and nicely seasoned, these were DRY!!! It was one bite of chicken tender, one gulp of water or beer to make it go down.

I'm not a member of Costco [yet]. Living in Atwater Village, I have a big hulking Costco that is going unused. So if anyone has Costco Chicken Tender experiences, pipe up.

Usually my best experiences are with Bristol Farms but won't be back to Brentwood until Monday ...


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    1. I always liked the tenders at H. Salt. Not sure if those are around anywhere, though.

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        I've never tried the H Salt ones but there is one in North Hollywood on Lankershim.

      2. The closest Raising Cane's is in Las Vegas. Sorry.

        1. Try Smart & Final if have commitment issues with Costco.

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            No commitment issues but it's hard for someone who is largely cooking for one to justify a Costco annual membership.

            Or were you recommending, Smart & Final's frozen tenders. I didn't think so.

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              I actually was.

              They're just more expensive than the Kirkland ones.

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                The chicken tenders that go on sale (frozen) at Costco are excellent. (Foster farm, I think. Sometimes tyson.) They are not juicy (what breaded tenders are?) but they are moist and flavorful. Very very handy to bake up and then take cold for picnics etc.

                It's just the two of us (with many cats, sigh) but our costco membership more than pays for itself. The tire center is great. The vitamins and the sales - awesome.

                You also have the option of going in with a friend who has a membership, buying tons of costco gift cards - and you can go in just with them, to purchase in the future.

                I'd also say the Bruce Aidells products are amazing. They freeze well, very flavorful, surprisingly not bad for you.

                And the Trident Fish Sticks? Yummy. Yes it's a giant bag (harder for one than two) but tasty, easy, not that bad for you either... A very handy thing to have!

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                  not about chicken tenders, but a costco membership makes sense for almost anybody who is in the "acquisition" phase of life (i.e. not actively trying to give away half the stuff you've acqured so far).
                  it's not just food, although they do carry many food items that work for single people:
                  hummus, high quality fruit, frozen ravioli, pasta, olive oil, etc.

                  the membership fee, though gets fully justified when you add the other, non-food items to the calculation:
                  if you pay for your own medication, their pharmacy charges less than just about any other. towels.
                  coffee maker
                  supplies for washing/waxing your car
                  paper goods
                  sweat shirts
                  office supplies
                  cleaning supplies
                  televisions (with the best warrantys)

                  and on and on and on.
                  instead of driving all over town, you can get a good (if not the absolute lowest) price on a host of items with only ONE shopping trip.

                  if you are throwing a party, you will be able to get most of the food in one place. (i did just this for my daughter's bat mitzvah)
                  if you need to make a fruit platter, you can get much of the fruit you need already cut up.

                  costco is a lifesaver for me.

              2. Foster Farms panko crusted chicken tenders

                These are uncooked so they stay moist and the meat to breading ratio is great.

                1. I'm also a little 8 year old kid (inside) who loves good chicken tenders. Oddly, they're really great at Barney's Beanery (and you can get them to take away). Whole Foods also make great tenders, they're baked and have sesame seeds on them.

                  The best best best are found at Gelson's, don't know if you have one in Atwater Village though.

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                    OMG I forgot about Gelsons!! Yes, those are outstanding!!! I like to take them home and dip them in warm buffalo sauce.

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                      There's one really close at hyperion and griffith park. Also, there's a Bristol Farms not too far away in Pasadena.

                    2. Actually, the Ralph's ones are really quite good, but the key is that you need to get them when they're fresh out of the fryer. otherwise, as you probably discovered, they stay under the heat lamp for an indefinite amount of time. so i'd go with ralph's again, but ask the person when they tend to make them. if you see any in the counter, just ask how fresh they are, the counter person always lets me know.

                      1. Harry's island fried chicken