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Jan 31, 2014 03:22 PM

Best Chili in the area?

My wife has a craving for really good chili.... any suggestions?

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  1. The County is 4200 square miles. What do you mean by 'area'?

    That said: Junction in El Cajon, Jimmy's in Santee, Broadway Diner in Chula Vista, Green Acre in UTC, Tobey's 19th Hole at the Balboa Park Golf Course all make their own from scratch and each is unique and very good.

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    1. re: Cathy

      I live in Carlsbad but will travel for chili!

      1. re: RdBchAndy

        San Marcos Family Restaurant and Tip Top Meats.

      2. re: Cathy

        Love Tobey's at the 19th of the classic old school gems in SD.

      3. What kind of chili is she craving?

        Chili con carne de hamburger? Chile verde? Other?

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          1. re: DoctorChow

            Chili con carne, though, while not the question, always open for a great chile verde stop.

            1. re: RdBchAndy

              OK. Well she might enjoy the chili con carne at JV's on Morena. It has beans, though, so if she doesn't like beans, X this place off your list.

              Actually, I almost never eat chili in restaurants; we make it at home. Our favorite chili recipe has just a little pork and a LOT of chiles.

              Ocasionally we make American-style chili with ground beef or ground turkey, but there aren't any beans, not much cumin, and -- very important -- Mexican (as opposed to European) oregano.

              We do make a great BLACK bean chili with turkey which is very good, but I don't think of that as being "American style".

              I had the chili con carne at LV's exactly once (in a weak mood) and thought it was tasty. I liked getting a whole hamburger patty on top.

              Sorry I can't be of more help. I really just asked you what kind of chili you were looking for so that, with more specificity, others might be able to recommend.

              Chili is one of those things, like pizza and BBQ, where everyone has a preference and a firm opinion.

              1. re: RdBchAndy

                Went back to JV's today because chile con carne was on my mind (for some reason). Dare I call it "comfort food"?

                All I can really say that's positive is that the chipotle adobo on top was good.

                Arrrgh. I have no idea why I liked this dish the last time I had it there, and herewith yuk my own yum.