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Chipotles in adobo sauce?

I can't for the life of me find those canned chipotles in adobo sauce anywhere , is there some shortage I am not aware of?

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  1. Where are you not looking? These days, almost any grocery store has them in the "Mexican" section. In my area, No Frills and Foodland had them in the last few weeks.

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      Right foodyduddey, I would suggest that many shoppers do not take time for a slow stroll through Supermarket International aisles. Always a possible source for many multi country items! I love these so much I always bring back from Mexico many tins at a third to a quarter the price, and I have GTA wholesalers I have been dealing with for decades, easier for one out in the GTA to acquire a larger available choice of sourced items!.

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        I checked Fiesta Farms, 2 No Frills a Fresh Co and Loblaws at Christie and Dupont. I know these stores like the back of my hand and know where they keep stuff. If you find some, please tell me!

      2. I had the exact same problem two weeks ago. Checked five supermarkets, including the "Mexican" and "International" sections. Finally found them at Loblaws Queens Quay - bought the only two cans they had on the shelf.

          1. I agree these are hit-and-miss to find. Sometimes grocery stores have them, sometimes they don't. Our Sobey's recently cut back its little Tex-Mex section and no longer have them. I managed to find a large can at the Rabba at Front & Sherbourne recently, on the bottom of an end of an aisle nowhere near any related products. We divided and froze them for future use, since one or two of those things go a long way in most recipes.

            1. Pusateri's have them - I had to ask and wait about 10 minutes while two people searched for them. But I got them!!

                1. For sure they have it at Fresh Co and some No frills,also
                  K Market in the Mexican stores

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                    The guy at No Frills says he hasn't seen them in a while, I called La Perola and they have them, yay! Its not a speciality item in my house, we eat it all the time so its a semi-crisis when the usual stores don't have it.

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                      We also use them a lot, but usually only part of a can, so I put the rest in a ziplock and freeze it. That way, if we need chipotle mayo, I can shave off a chunk to chop and put in the mayo without wasting a whole can. I just bought a new can last week at NoFrills (Victoria Park/Eglinton).
                      The Mexican condiment that I'm having trouble finding is chopped green chilis--not green sauce or jalapenos. It's been absent from my usual sources for months now. Fortunately, I'm heading to Nashville this week, so I'll replenish my stock there.

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                        I just got back from a quick trip to ValuMart at Bayview and Davisville and there was a well-stocked shelf of BOTH chipotles in adobo (Costena brand) and chopped green chilis (Old El Paso brand).

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                        Perola's has a number of brands in cans, or you can buy dried chipotles, and adobo sauce separately, or you can buy the spices needed to make adobo.

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                          La Perola has the San Marcos brand and the other one. I live downtown and don't have a car and won't shop at Walmart. Now I remember why I stopped using Chow Hound.

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                              As another downtownish option - I just purchased some at the Metro in Liberty Village. I had trouble finding them here a couple of months ago as well, but it seems like they're stocked up now

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                                Metro at Front and Church.
                                P.S. Why not state the general area you are looking instead of getting upset with chowhounders for not reading your mind.

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                                  Are we talking about the same place? Thought it was called Perola's. Looks like it has changed hands in the last few months.