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Jan 31, 2014 03:04 PM

Lunch at East Borough (Culver City)

Went w/ a couple of coworkers for lunch today. For lunch you order off a checklist menu (like sushi a la carte at certain places). Food was very good. I ordered the pho baguette, basically a bowl of pho in banh mi form. There was a hoisin/sriracha aioli that was very fitting, and came with a side of pho soup to dip the sandwich in (like a Viet French dip). Coworkers ordered the pork belly & egg and tofu bun, respectively. Had a taste of each, and the former had 2 fatty pieces of pork belly w/ a poached egg & pickled veggies. The bun was fairly standard, but tasted legit at least. I think I saw Neroni in the kitchen too.

If there's a problem, besides the growing pains of new openings (service, etc. was fine for us though), is how people will react to the prices. It's quite expensive - $11-13 per banh mi, and entrees are all ~$13. The banh mi looks like a footlong though, if that makes people feel better. We each got just a dish and it was like $17/person. So not sure how this will be received as purely a lunch spot (dinner menu looks much more ambitious though). We went at 11:45am and it was empty; by 12:15 however it was packed. Parking is definitely a pain in the ass. But we'll definitely be back, and for dinner as well.

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  1. thought food was solid, well executed, albeit a bit safe from a rich texture and flavor standpoint. a very welcome edition to the neighborhood that will do well for sure. had the kale salad, pho banh mi, and sugarcane shrimp. can picture this turning into a mini chain.

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      The dinner menu looks promising though. And I do think that Pitfire has plans to expand this concept if it works out in Culver City.

    2. Next time try the meatball bahn mi! In my opinion, it is superb.

      Those prices are 30-40 percent higher than at the Costa Mesa spot. If my memory is correct, the 12 inch bahn mi at CM is either high 7's or high 8's. It's tough to justify a 13 dollar bahn mi.

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      1. re: set0312

        Yeah everything is like $3 more compared to the Costa Mesa location. But the food is indeed good. Will try the meatball banh mi next time.