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Jan 31, 2014 01:35 PM

La Fata Ignorante?

I'm curious about this place because I see tons of good reviews on TA but a search here came up empty. The reviews on TA are so good that they actually make me a bit suspicious (only 1 1-star and 9 2-star reviews out of 895 reviews). Anyone actually been here, trying to decide whether to give this place a shot or play it safe and head to Perilli on the evening we are in Testaccio.

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  1. not been there, but you might be intrigued to read this

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    1. re: kmzed

      Hmm, looks like he's pretty aggressive about fighting bad reviews. I've heard of restaurants/tour companies asking for good reviews but never threatening legal action for bad ones. Think I'll skip it unless somebody on here gives them the thumbs up.

      1. re: mikedallas23

        if you read some of the reviews on his site, at least one person reported that a waiter there asked for personal email to thank him and then solicitedreviews.

        Its a funny world we live in.

    2. I've never heard of it. Which makes me a bit suspicious....I'd head to Perilli, which is one of my favorites.

      1. I have been there once for drinks and once for dinner. The food is very good and the owner is super friendly. It is a modern place with classic dishes, but not very traditional.

        If you are looking for old school Roman go with Perilli.