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Jan 31, 2014 10:16 AM

Mountain hideaway good food?

Heading to park city in two weeks. Just one night I'd like to eat at an off Main Street up in the mountains (willing to drive a little) restaurant. I don't want it to be at a resort or hotel but maybe you know of some gem that the locals like?

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  1. It's mainly resort/hotels in those mountains, as the land is crazy expensive.

    We recently had dinner at the Goldener Hirsch in Deer Valley, its the only independently owned joint in Deer Valley actually.

    20 room boutique hotel modeled on the place of the same name from Austria with a restaurant that's focused on Austrian/Euro/Alpine cuisine.

    They've recently overhauled the setup there taking on a new chef who's using more local ingredients - so you will see dishes like Utah trout and Lamb sausage from Morgan Valley UT. It's not cheap. Its proably more spendy than main st PC.

    Another option might be to ride out to Midway/Heber too.

    Disclosure: my meal was comped on that trip, but it was pretty good I thought.


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      There are other independently owned restaurants in Deer Valley. Cena at The Chateaux up in Silver Lake, J&G Grill at the St. Regis, Glitretind at Stein Eriksen Lodge are not owned by Deer Valley Resort corp…

      Any of those are good restaurants, away from Main Street. For something different, try the Viking Yurt. No comment on food (haven't been since they moved from Canyons to PCMR), but you are taken up on the ski mountain - definitely up in the hills and away from everything...

      1. re: chowing kat

        Fair point chowing kat, I guess my point was that Goldener Hirsch was the only independent resort up there. The rest I believe are mega corps. I must confess to not knowing the ownership details of the restaurants therein.


    2. Are you looking for a place off of Main Street within Park City? My favorite "Off Main" spots are Fuego and Sammy's Bistro.

      If you'd like to head to the Heber/Midway area like Stuart mentioned my dream restaurant is in Midway (the Blue Boar Inn). It's $$$. A less expensive option in Midway is Tarahumara. If you don't have kids sit on the pub side. It's decent Mexican fare and I go there about once per month.

      I live in Heber and sadly can't recommend too much there. The Spin Cafe is just ok in my opinion. I work in Park City and I enjoy their restaurants and Midway's much more.