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Jan 31, 2014 09:17 AM

V-Day Dinner

I will be visiting DC for the weekend and I'm looking for somewhere for dinner on Feb 14 (I have a reservation at Rasika on the Saturday night). It's pure coincidence that we are in the city for Valentine's Day and we're not keen about a very formal, Valentine's Day dinner. We'd like somewhere with very good food, nice atmosphere, not too loud. Many places are offering set menus and are fully booked. A smaller, intimate neighbourhood restaurant might be nice. We're staying in the Georgetown area but could catch a taxi to another area if that helps. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I've never been to DC before and don't know the restaurants or area.

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  1. Tough night. In Georgetown I'd try Bistro Francais or Heritage India. You could go to Cleveland Park and try Medium Rare (steak) or Indique (Indian)

    1. I would call right away and see if any of the following restaurants are available (not sure if they will have special menus or not): Cashion's Eat Place, Cork Wine Bar, Sushi Taro, Il Canele, Ardeo or Ted's Bulletin.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll follow up. Any thoughts about Casa Luca (Fiola's more casual restaurant)?

        1. re: suiling

          As noted in another thread today, although I don't think Casa Luca is bad, I don't think it's great, either. I'd certainly go to Bibiana first, which is roughly the same price point.

          1. re: shawington

            If you're leaning Italian I'd recommend Osteria Morini. Their selection of crostini as well as the grilled meat sampler is superb.

            1. re: shake N baik

              Thanks for the recommendation. The location of Osteria Morini looks quite nice, too. A logistical question: I've read that traffic can be a nightmare in DC. Will it be difficult to get there in a taxi for 5pm on a Friday night?

              1. re: suiling

                Depends on what time you're heading over there from Georgetown but if its outside the 5-6:30 rush hour time frame it should take you no more than 20-30 min by cab.