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looking for a very romantic restaurant, intimate with not a lot of action?

I wan to ask my girlfriend to mary so !!

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  1. Do you have a price range or is the sky the limit?

    1. mmm under 80$/per without the wine let's say

      1. This might not be what you are looking for but maybe:

        The Little Owl

        and although we didn't care for it too much maybe


        1. Annisa. I would describe it as somewhat romantic, and I think it could work. Toqueville may be a good choice also.

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            I agree on both, first things that came to mind.. they are both booked Friday and Saturday. (Tocqueville actually has a 9:45PM on Saturday) it's too expensive probably anyway

            To the OP - Def try for Saturday, you will have better luck on Sat and avoid that cliche of a Valentines day engagement (unless that is what you are after)

            These have tables on Sat 2/15 at reasonable times (if not prime 8:30)

            The Modern Bar Room


            The Harrison


            Here is an offbeat choice for Sat night (I scanned all of open table... ) Le Philosophe. Food is very good

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              I responded before the OP indicated the dates. About the worst 2 days of the year to try to reserve anywhere decent, on top of which most have special (read: price gouging) menus for V-day. Unfortunate.

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                Novita is a nice idea within price range and atmosphere.

              1. Asiate.

                Ask for a corner table by the window.

                Secluded, quiet (esp. on a weekday) and generally pretty good food.

                Nothing quite like proposing while overlooking Central Park, esp. if there's a nice gentle dusting of snow shimmering under a starry night sky, with the NYC skyline as a backdrop.

                Even if she hated you, she won't say "no" on the spot.

                1. Bouley! Favorite for romance, food, special occasions.
                  Lunch or dinner. A winner.

                  Jean Georges, Lunch or dinner.
                  Main dining room; though not small,
                  well spaced tables, calm, intimate.

                  Gramercy Tavern, main dining room.

                  Feel Little Owl, while cute, is too small, cramped,
                  and incredibly noisy.

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                    The OP's budget is "under 80$/per without the wine" so that would eliminate Bouley, JG and GT for dinner.

                    I would suggest Lincoln.

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                      I like those big booths at Lincoln for this poster

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                      Bouley's lunch tasting of 5 courses is only $55!!! A steal!!

                    3. Thanks everybody, but I have a big probleme...its for valentine's day....its a trip to NY and yeah I'm late.....
                      Almost everything you told me have no place for the dinner the14-15......

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                        Try the Leopard at des Artistes or Mas La Grillade.

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                          Try Orso or Scarlatto. If you got a table in a corner, I would say it would be romantic!

                        2. I thought I was a late planner....guess not.

                          Most places are probably all booked like you said. Looks like restaurant Public still has some openings. might be a good option.

                          1. it might go a bit over your budget but it looks like Jungsik has an opening at 5pm. If you request the banquet table in the corner it is a great spot.

                            1. How exciting!!!
                              There have been some great suggestions already, i would also add bar pleidas as an idea- it is a posh romantic bar (not restaurant) that would be a great location to have an after dinner drink and pop the question if where you go for dinner doesn't seem like the right environment:

                              1. We were recently invited to dine at JoJo (a 'lesser' Jean-Georges restaurant) and found it to be very romantic & the food, which fits your budget, was very good. It looks like they are serving their regular menu on the 15th, and OpenTable shows decent availability. Ask for a table upstairs if you decide to go there. Good luck!

                                1. Consider a table by the window at Primehouse in the TWC. Overlooking Central Park is a nice touch.

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                                    You mean Porterhouse? It is brightly lit, sterile and feels like a chain restaurant, full of men on expense account meals. Complete opposite of a place for a marriage proposal.

                                  2. Hope you booked Annisa, it just got a very positive write-up and it will be harder to get reservations.