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Jan 31, 2014 08:28 AM

Recs for grabbing a quick bite in/around the Dogpatch? [San Francisco]

My spouse and I are working in the Dogpatch one evening a week, and need to get dinner quickly on our way home to Santa Cruz. Any recommendations for good food we can get to go in the area? We're willing to drive to Portrero Hill and other nearby neighborhoods. Thanks!

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  1. If you're taking 280, Little Yangon is a quick stop off the freeway.

      1. I go to the Dogpatch for ice cream at Mr. & Mrs. Misc and the beignets at Just for You. If I had to eat in the area, I'd go to: Hard Knox for fried chicken, Serpentine for Burger, Marcella's for mushroom lasagna (more of a pasta dish than a typical lasagna). Piccino is a possibility but I have found it a bit pricey for food that is just ok, though it has a nice atmosphere.

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          Serpentine has excellent drinks, and they always have some kind of dish I like - like a pasta or a very interesting salad - although their burger is very nice they're quite good at complexity.

          That being said, it's not a quick dinner.

          I might suggest Sunflower Potrero Hill. I always grooved on the Vietnamese Crepes at the 16th/Val location, and if the service is still crisp, it might make a nice stop.

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            Thanks so much all--these are excellent suggestions.

        2. It's just "Dogpatch". Not "The Dogpatch".
          OK, pedant mode now set to off.
          Serpentine always great...

          1. Chocolate Lab is doing a full dinner now and it's a quick turn around, Serpentine is always good as is Piccino. Half a block up from them is Gilberth's Rotisserie & Grill. During the week you can do walk-ins to all of them and get seated quickly and without a wait. Gilberth's is probably the quickest.

            Going further down 3rd you could go to Limon. On the Hill, Chez Maman is always good but it can be a wait since it's small. There is also Pera which never has a wait and very friendly staff. Sunflower on the Hill isn't as good as the one in the Mission. Umi always has very good quality sustainable fish.

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              Thank you, this is very helpful.

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                If we're in the mode of listing whatever might suffice,

                if you're in that neck of the woods for lunch I adore Hazel's. Make mine a dutch crunch ham and cheese with that great dressing. I think they're closed before dinner (4 pm according to help).

                Moshi moshi is underrated. I would recommend the fried dishes - like the karaage - but not the sushi. Service can be really uneven, so I wouldn't recommend it for this particular.

                Conneticut Yankee - I think people like the burger. I think it's blah. Not sure about speed either.

                Ganim's - tried their burgers twice. Scary not in a good way.

                Are you going to be closer to, say, 16th and DeHaro? If so, there's a bunch of restaurants in what I wouldn't consider Dogpatch - like Market & Rye, open till 7pm.

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                  Thanks very much--so many options! We're on Third between 22nd and 23rd, so Dogpatch proper, I gather. But we're willing to drive.

                  1. re: glomer

                    The New Spot for pupusas

                    632 20th Street
                    btw 3rd St & Illinois St

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                      The New Spot is now open for dinner again with slightly remodeled interior and a few menu items not available at lunch. Mexican and Salvadorean specials on the white board are always fabulous.

                  2. re: bbulkow

                    I would never recommend the Connecticut Yankee for dinner. Brunch isn't that bad but all the dinner food is out of the freezer and is over priced. The service is horrible and the bartenders are surly and use well for top shelve drinks.

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                      I agree about Moshi Moshi -- definitely decent for stuff like oyako don, seared tuna, and a good Japanese whisky selection.

                      Conneticut Yankee is really not great for food or drinks. Thee Parkside is far better for food and nice outdoor seating in the back.

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                      Stopped by Umi the other day. Fish and rice were far too cold, rice didn't have any character or flavor, fish was also flavorless though the cuts were visually appealing, there was a small fish bone in one of my nigiri. Price about $30 pp.

                      At the sameish price point, Sushi Tomi, Akane and Sushi Sam's on the Penninsula are much much better. The 4 star rating to me on yelp is puzzling.

                      An analogous sushi restaurant in LA is Hide on Sawtelle, a few years ago Hide was better than this, but it's been a long time since I've been to Hide.