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Jan 31, 2014 07:35 AM

La Laiterie review - Providence

La laiterie/Farmstead is headed in the wrong direction. Last time I went I noticed the menu had gone from interesting to strange (too many snail, pigtail, lamb tongue dishes) and what was served was good, but not great, especially as the price point has gone up. Figured I'd give them another shot last night. Same deal. Ordered the fishermans stew for $29. Broth had very little depth of flavor or complexity. I expected to be sopping it up to my very last crumb. Didn't even bother. It came with squid in it, which was served as one large uncut tentacle. So tough I could barely cut it with a knife.

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  1. You know, they haven't been posting on Facebook in a while. They started to get negative comments on some of their pictured dishes -- some did not look appetizing at all. I know they pride themselves on using less popular ingredients but at some point you run out of people willing to shell out boocoo bucks for bizarre foods. Most people are not Andrew Zimmern.

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      (I know how this sounds, trust me, but I can't be true to myself and let this one slide.) @Bob W, I believe you're going for the French word for many: "beaucoup."

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        You should have let it slide. As an American who does not speak French, I use the Americanized slang version.


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          Gasp! No way! Wow, I am humbled. (And horrified!) Thanks for the education.