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Jan 31, 2014 07:29 AM

Lunch at or near Staples

Going to afternoon Kings game on Saturday. Any ideas for lunch in or close to Staples would be appreciated. Have a box so something we can bring in would be fun but happy to eat in a restaurant also. One of the people is on the picky side and likes fairly basic food.

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  1. In, forget about. The concessions there are the worst of any arena I can think of. Although on the box level, the carved sandwiches are pretty good. Outside, the Pantry is there. So is Palm. Casa Nostra has a great Happy Hour that includes half off even premium martinis, as well as pizzas, Tuscan Fries, and the like. If you wanna smuggle in a burrito, both Chichen Itza and El Parian are close by.

      1. Do you have a secret way to get food past security? If so, do tell!

        Staples does not allow outside food or drink and security is quite good at ferreting it out. Once they would not even allow me to bring my leftovers from a pre-game dinner.

        If you're in a box and have a parking pass, you'll probably want to park and eat before the game.

        Casual ideas before the game are Lawry's Carvery or if folks are really picky, the food court at Fig & 7th has something for everyone and you can grab a nice dish of Pazzo Gelato to finish. Good parking too. Sandies at Mendocino are terrific.

        But we find it more relaxing just to get to Staples, eat and hang out there before the game/concert. Inside, our fave are the brauts at TapHaus and LudoBird's fried chicken. Also, on the suite level, we like the prime rib sandwiches at Cooke's or the Figueroa Dog at Buss Stop. We even have a friend who goes to the Whistle Stop, buys both the pastrami and the turkey sandwiches with extra coleslaw and stacks them on top of each other!

        Of course, you have access to the San Manuel Club which will probably have a decent buffet pre-game (call ahead, give your ticket # to make resers). If you're an AMEX Plat member, there's another lounge and there is the Lexus private lounge.

        Don't forget to order from the dessert cart brought to the suite. It's the highlight. We avoid ordering all other food from the suite unless we're having a business event.

        Plenty of good choices for even the pickiest of folks. Have fun! Go Kings go!

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          Do you have a secret way to get food past security? If so, do tell!

          Certain suite holders can bring in food through private elevators/entrances. And I'm sure Jeannie or Jim have no problems bringing in whatever they want to eat. Or Magic.

          But yeah, if you have a suite, I would just eat at Staples. The carving station and the dessert tray are what to do if you have a suite.

          Never been that impressed with the Lounge food, reminds me too much of airport lounge food. At higher prices. Better sofas, though.

        2. Colori Kitchen is close by and the basic eater could surely find a suitable pasta.

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            it's not that close. the 2nd one on fig closed up.

          2. If you are coming from the west, Dino's on Pico at Berendo, two blocks west of Vermont. The chicken special -- half a grilled chicken served over a huge bed of fries, with cole slaw and tortillas for $5.99. Ask for extra "sauce," the wonderful garlicky, vinegary marinade that sogs the fries but very worth it.