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What is currently the best Los Angeles restaurant located in a hotel?

Looking to make plans for my husband's bday, and for boring family reasons, I'm thinking that staying in a hotel and having dinner in a restaurant onsite is the way to go this year, Suggestions, please?

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  1. Surveying the immediate field here in the LA area we find:

    The Four Seasons on S. Doheny for Culina http://culinarestaurant.com/

    The Hotel Bel-Air for the new Wolfgang Puck run restaurant http://www.dorchestercollection.com/e...

    SLS Hotel and Saam or the Bazaar http://www.thebazaar.com/beverly-hill...

    The Montage Hotel and Scarpetta http://www.magellanluxuryhotels.com/b...

    The Beverly Wilshire and Cut Steakhouse http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/restauran...

    Purely on the beauty of the grounds and the ambiance of its "away from it all" feeling, while you are actually still right in the middle of LA, I'd pick the Hotel Bel-Air.

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        I beg to differ. I think that CUT is possibly the worst hotel restaurant in Los Angeles (food…improperly cooked very expensive steaks, service…terribly rude, ambiance…noisy beyond belief). I have previously posted a more complete explanation of how poorly we were treated there…shocking! I cannot possibly recommend the Beverly Hills Cut (although I hear that Las Vegas is quite good).

      2. re: Servorg

        Good list.

        I'd add The Belvedere in the Peninsula to this list.

        And perhaps the best motel restaurant is Trattori Amici.

        And The Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills hotel is regarded highly by some, but not by me.

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          I thought you liked Thr Polo Lounge ????

          Or maybe just for the scene ?

          1. re: kevin

            No, never liked the food much. Not bad, but I only go when someone else insists (or is paying)

            The scene - well, I've had weird experiences there (the Spector story).

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            Polo Lounge has gone way down. Still good service and great patio, but crazy prices, limited menu and small portions. Other than that its great.

            By the way Amici just got its full liquor license.

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              Amici is amazing in summertime. Their patio with all the little twinkle lights is so nice.

          3. re: Servorg

            I think this is a solid list and the most special occasion-y of these for me is Saam. Quiet, intimate room. Won't ever be seated too close to anyone else.

          4. All the above mentioned restaurants are great.

            After that it becomes more subjective than anything, based on location and what you're in the mood for.
            Hotel Bel Air, as far as location goes, is definitely IMHO, one of the most beautiful spots.
            I love Puck restaurants but I wouldn't say this is his best.

            I never hesitate to go for a bungalow at BH Hotel…your 'boring family reasons' will be insignificant the next day :-).

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            1. re: latindancer

              Don't get me wrong, I love the Pink Palace and its grounds are also quite lovely. But the restaurant choices (except for breakfast in the Fountain Room) no longer measure up to the other choices here as far as I'm concerned.

              1. re: Servorg

                Speaking only for myself…

                The BH Hotel is a place i know very well with familiar faces and top notch service.
                Anymore, in LA, I can't think of too many places where I have an urge to get right back to for the food…nothing is really very memorable anymore. I have a few places, with a few dishes, that I love but the list gets shorter and shorter year to year.
                I like Culina and Bouchon for the food. The hotels are nice but nothing, for me, compares to BH Hotel. It's where I go for comfort, privacy, great service and nice food.
                As far as 'measuring up' and comparing Polo Lounge to some of the others? That's totally subjective.

            2. Cut for steak
              Hotel Bel-Air for ambiance and good food
              Coast or One Pico at Shutters for a pleasant lunch with a view
              Bazaaar at SLS for trendy and fun

              1. How about The Montage? Bouchon is practically on site and the food is excellent.

                1. I haven't been to most of the ones listed here, but the one I like the best is Fig at the MIramar.

                  1. Fig at the Fairmount Santa Monica

                    1. Add Catch at Casa del Mar to the list.

                      1. If you stay at Montage, you have a choice of Scarpetta, Bushon and are virtually accross the street from Spago, Mastro's, Cut and Hakkasan. The Beverly Wilshire is similarly situated.

                        1. If "Los Angeles" includes Pasadena, you might consider the Royce steakhouse at the Langham hotel.

                          1. I'm curious to know if anyone has tried Cavatina at the Sunset Marquis yet? It opened recently and I've always liked the setting there.

                            1. Maybe the most beautiful…Terranea (terra-NAY-a) in Palos Verdes and their Marsel Resturant

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                                  Wiener, that spread almost looks pastoral and borderline bucolic.

                                  is that a pastoral peninsula or isthmus i'm noticing (my eyes have almost gone to hell, and a handbag).

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    PV Peninsula former home of Marineland

                                  1. re: aching

                                    If you're going that far from LA, I'd consider the Montage in Laguna Beach...a truly stunning property with 2 excellent restaurants.

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                                        Since they are planning to stay at the hotel, IMHO for the extra 30-40 minutes to get to the Montage, it's well worth it. Having visited and dined at both, I think the Laguna Beach Montage is far more special (although Terranea is also quite nice).

                                      2. re: josephnl

                                        <I'd consider the Montage>

                                        …and I'd rather be at the Ritz Carlton.

                                      3. re: aching

                                        Where has the great burger ?

                                        and how much ????

                                        1. re: kevin

                                          Mar Sel does. It's a lot - I think it was $22, or something like that. But it's really delicious (and the rest of the food at Terranea is pretty bad, so that makes it seem like a decent value).

                                    1. Malibu Beach Inn and Nobu. Not in the hotel...but close enough, I think.

                                      1. Cut is at the Beverly Wilshire, no?

                                        Oops, definitely/obviously already mentioned. :)

                                        1. Nobody's mentioned WP24 at the Ritz Carlton downtown. I personally am not a fan, but there are others who like it.

                                          1. If Laguna isn't too the fried chicken at Stonehill Tavern is great. Its in the St Regis which is also a great hotel to stay at with the views and the weather. Feels like you're not really in LA.

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                                              +1 for the St. Regis and Stonehill Tavern if Dana Point isn't too far. Love them both. Otherwise my vote is for the Beverly Wilshire and Cut.

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                                                Agree that the St. Regis/Stonehill Tavern is a great choice, nevertheless I'd give the nod to the Laguna Beach Montage. The St. Regis has a beautiful, but somewhat distant ocean view, whereas the Montage property is right on the ocean. The Ritz-Cartton Monarch Bay is likewise right on the ocean (near the St. Regis), and their restaurant Raya is quite good (but probably not as good as Stonehill, and surely not in the same league as Studio at the Montage).

                                              2. LA Sheriff's Honor Ranch and Saddle Peak Lodge.

                                                1. Palihotel and Hart and the Hunter.

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                                                  1. re: schrutefarms

                                                    Now how are those buttermilk biscuits ????????

                                                    1. re: kevin

                                                      Uh. May. Zing. Especially with the pimento cheese.

                                                  2. Saam at the SLS, Inside of Bazaar. Wrapped up in an enigma, inside of a conundrum.

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                                                    1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                                      Foodie, you fucking rock.

                                                      My hats off to you.

                                                      1. Wow. Thanks, everyone. Haven't had a chance to read up on anything yet, but will be back with more questions, I'm sure!