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What new food, ingredient, or recipe have you tried recently?

I've recently decided to venture past my known foods, and try something entirely new at least once a week. The rules are that even if I've had a something in a restaurant or a friend's house before, I've never made it myself. Since the New Year, I've tried for the first time:
1) Skate wing: Yum! Lots of cartilage though.
2) Delicata squash: Wow, tasty, and less work than butternut...
3) True cod: Hmm, not for me. I like oilier fish.
4) Ling cod: Tasty, but I prefer other fish.
5) Black cod: Wow! Have I been missing out!
6) Slow cooker chicken chili verde: OK. Chicken was kind of dry, but good flavor.

What have you experimented with recently?

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  1. Last night was beef stroganoff.

    Tried kohlrabi a few weeks ago.

    Jasmine green tea is new to me after our last visit to the Chinese restaurant. Had to buy a box at the grocery store this week.

    1. Lamb breast, baked to tenderize then grilled wow!

      1. Shio koji (a malted rice/salt seasoning now popular in Japan). Adds great flavor/umami to most dishes. Where do you get black cod? Can never find it in the DC area...

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          i love shiokoji! as for black cod, i live in seattle, so i can get it at 4 fish counters within a mile of my house, or take the light rail to the international district for the best fish. (my two favorites places to buy are uwajimaya in the i-district, and pure fish in pike place market.) we are pretty luck with those cold-water fish species out here, i don't know about dc....

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            lol! thank you for the second link... but the first link is to this thread! :-)

          2. I made the ribs and pickled onions from Marcus Samuelson's The Soul of A New Cuisine. Both were delicious. I also made the ethiopian butter to make a green bean dish from an internet recipe.

            Also been playing around with chickpea flour. I don't like it for hummus but I do really like it for pancakes.

            1. Ask again in a week. I'm about to start playing around with transglutaminase, aka meat glue, and see what i can come up with. First stop: the WD-50 chicken ball. We shall see.

              1. i recently tried a recipe for barbacoa off of the crumblycookie.net blog. i hadn't tried it before even though i make 12 qts of salsa a month and we have tacos 30 ways each month. ;) anyways, the barbacoa was amazing! but what i REALLY loved was the suggestion to put pickled onions on the tacos! i'm not sure i will ever serve mexican food again without these little strips of yumminess!

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                  I agree with pickled onions on a taco. That is all you need!

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                    That's another new thing for me recently, also from Bayless (Authentic Mexican). Oh, the years I've wasted not making these when I had a red onion or a half sitting around...

                    1. I made duck confit for the first time. If the seasoned dregs from the bottom of the pot are any indication then it should taste fantastic. We'll see in April!

                      1. Chayote! Had never before tasted, but there were two nice ones at the grocery (from Costa Rica).

                        Per Rick Bayless in Mexican Everyday, I steamed them in the microwave and then, after a bit of cooling and draining, combined with a dressing of oil-toasted dried guajillo chiles and garlic buzzed with sherry vinegar and the oil in which the chile and garlic were toasted (after cooling). Mixed in chopped cilantro and scallions.

                        Among foods in my experience, chayote's most similar to cucumber; a nice moist crunch, great for contrast with creamy-cheesy dishes. It needs assertive flavors, and the dressing was excellent. Guajillos aren't really hot, but have a deep chile taste that combines well with garlic.

                        Another Bayless salad treats them like cucumbers, with chopped fresh tomatoes, fresh green chiles, and cilantro in an oniony dressing. Will be on the lookout for more chayote.

                        1. Today i was wandering chinatown and had a hot fresh sweet soymilk from a tiny hole in the wall- really warming and great flavor.

                          I found pumpkin in my cupboard and made this pumpkin chickpea curry- it made a ton! Loved it.

                          And i made a quick cucumber dish like what i had at a cantonese restaurant recently: thick slices of peeled and seeded cucumber, doused with rice wine vinegar, white pepper, and tons (tons!) of minced fresh garlic- i let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. Really refreshing and tart and garlicy. I'll be making this again and often!

                          1. I've been experimenting with Cambodian food after a trip there. I've found tubs of frozen, chopped lemon grass in the freezer at the Asian grocery store which are great for making the Cambodian curry paste, Kroeung.

                            Cambodian food developed before the introduction of the chili pepper and it's a lot more subtle than Thai.

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                              i've actually been to cambodia a bunch of times! (14 i think?) i really like a lot of the food. they do such creative things with fish and amphibians... my cooking instructors there told me it's because life in ancient cambodia was hard, and the cooking evolved from the monsoons and the food they made available. i have a couple spice blends from the artisans d'angkor that i hoard like diamonds...

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                                I'd love to see some of your recipes.

                            2. I made pickled kohlrabi from David Lebovitz's pickled veg recipe. It is really good. I want to make some felafel to put it on.

                              Today I am making cabbage stuffed with farro, mushrooms, and chicken livers instead of usual ground meat or rice and veg stuffings.

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                                There's a nice kohlrabi recipe in "Jerusalem." It's kohlrabi diced and dressed with yogurt, sour cream, marscapone, lemon and an herb (I want to say mint). Very nice cooling dish. I usually skip the sour cream and cheese which I seldom have on hand.

                              2. White truffles. I'd always been deterred by the expense but I'm finding it's not as bad as I'd imagined. I used half a truffle in a two egg omelet, which made a huge difference in the outcome, versus adding one dollar to the cost of ingredients.