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Jan 31, 2014 01:20 AM

What new food, ingredient, or recipe have you tried recently?

I've recently decided to venture past my known foods, and try something entirely new at least once a week. The rules are that even if I've had a something in a restaurant or a friend's house before, I've never made it myself. Since the New Year, I've tried for the first time:
1) Skate wing: Yum! Lots of cartilage though.
2) Delicata squash: Wow, tasty, and less work than butternut...
3) True cod: Hmm, not for me. I like oilier fish.
4) Ling cod: Tasty, but I prefer other fish.
5) Black cod: Wow! Have I been missing out!
6) Slow cooker chicken chili verde: OK. Chicken was kind of dry, but good flavor.

What have you experimented with recently?

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  1. Last night was beef stroganoff.

    Tried kohlrabi a few weeks ago.

    Jasmine green tea is new to me after our last visit to the Chinese restaurant. Had to buy a box at the grocery store this week.

    1. Lamb breast, baked to tenderize then grilled wow!

      1. Shio koji (a malted rice/salt seasoning now popular in Japan). Adds great flavor/umami to most dishes. Where do you get black cod? Can never find it in the DC area...

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          i love shiokoji! as for black cod, i live in seattle, so i can get it at 4 fish counters within a mile of my house, or take the light rail to the international district for the best fish. (my two favorites places to buy are uwajimaya in the i-district, and pure fish in pike place market.) we are pretty luck with those cold-water fish species out here, i don't know about dc....

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            lol! thank you for the second link... but the first link is to this thread! :-)

          2. I made the ribs and pickled onions from Marcus Samuelson's The Soul of A New Cuisine. Both were delicious. I also made the ethiopian butter to make a green bean dish from an internet recipe.

            Also been playing around with chickpea flour. I don't like it for hummus but I do really like it for pancakes.