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Jan 31, 2014 12:48 AM

Nevis - critique my itinerary please!

Off there next week, huzzah! We're staying at Oualie on half board, so will be out for lunch/dinner each day. Mill Privee at Montpelier booked for last night. I've put together this list of lunch/dinner options. Thoughts please as to what priority we should do them in and whether we're missing anything.

Mango at 4S
One of Sunshines/Double Deuce/Chevvys
Golden Rock

Takeaway from Indian Summer
Limes on Fri before music

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  1. I am also off to Nevis in April and would love to hear your thoughts on dining opps there. Any thoughts ?

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    1. re: GaryNack

      Lucky you! I have been and gone!

      Have done a review here:

      Where are you staying? Bananas is a must for romance and excellent food; Limes was the best of the chillout places.

      1. re: helen b

        Amen to Lime. Great place. great beach