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Jan 30, 2014 08:42 PM

PDX Portland - Indoor Food Cart Pods?

Portland Hounds - are there any food car pods that are indoors? Headed there this weekend and I want to try out the food carts but don't relish the idea of attempting to eat while standing outside in the cold and in the rain. We're staying downtown if that makes a difference. I know some have access to indoor seating which would be fine as well. Thanks for your help!

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  1. If you're hitting the main food cart pod at 10th & Washington, my advice is to walk to Pioneer Courthouse Square (a mall about five minutes walk away) and eat in their food court/the tables at the top level of the Atrium.

    If you do hit that main pod, I highly recommend Kargi Go Go (a Polish food cart; erratic hours tho) ns The People's Pig (lunchtime hours).

    1. Pioneer Place not Pioneer Courthouse Square. Mall & open-air park respectively.
      Kargi is wonderful and their weekday lunch-hour times are consistent, at least to me.
      "Indoor food cart pods" is an oxymoron, IMHO.
      But the carts on N Mississippi & Skidmore, if you buy a drink inside Prost they will let you eat in there.
      Also Gonzo Felafel is an eastside cart where you can eat inside the brewpub adjacent.

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        Also, many of the east side cart pods have heated tents.

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          Thanks Portland Hounds! I agree, Kargi was terrific! We also tried Nong's Khao Man Gain which was delicious as well.