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Jan 30, 2014 08:07 PM

Growing peppers in AZ

Can anyone share tips, planting (schedule) guidelines, experiences, or recommendations for growing peppers in Arizona? My elevation is roughly 4000 feet and my planned garden area is in an east facing backyard.

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  1. I lived in AZ for nine years, and if your soil is as poor as mine was, you might consider growing peppers in containers.

    Just for fun I searched for "growing peppers in arizona" (you should also try "vegetables" or *tucson", "phoenix","flagstaff" or whatever) and found lots of advice--many echoed my recommendation for containers.

    I also discovered that the chiltepine pepper is native to northern Mexico and southern Arizona? Didn't know that before!

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    1. re: DonShirer

      I've never heard of those peppers before, here is some information on them:

      I will absolutely use pots or long planters with soil. My ground may contain some dicey heavy metals.

      I am a bit of a novice with starting a garden. Is it appropriate to use potting soil from home depot for the base?

      1. re: carrytheone

        You can use the potting soil but it is expensive. Do you have any farms or ranches nearby where you could get manure? That works also, but not while it is fresh, it needs to age . It can take years to build up rich soil.
        Peppers are tough lil guys ,btw, you might be pleasantly surprised.
        Check out farm supply stores to buy "promix" in bales, that would work in containers if mixed with some sand and kept fertilized.

        1. re: Raffles

          Could you expand on your recommendation for mixing "with some sand and kept fertilized." ?

          1. re: carrytheone

            The numbers aren't exact but mixing 70% promix bx, 15% masonry sand, and 15% perlite should have you off and running. The sand and perlite allow drainage and air to get to the roots. There are apprx. 9 cubic feet in a bale of promix. for about $20.
            A fish emulsion liquid fertilizer used according to label directions has worked for me, or even Miracle Grow.
            Google" Promix BX sand ratios," there is a lot out there.

    2. For context I decided to repost in this thread. I sprouted some ghost pepper seeds and cilantro (separately) in wet towels and then planted in biodegradable 3 inch potd. This was about 3 to 4 weeks ago and they've been in direct sunlight since. They never came up and probably died.

      I've moved on to this

      I used 10 peat filled starters, 3 cilantro, 3 cherry tomatoes, and 4 ghost peppers. I used 3 seeds per starter, but less in the peppers since I have limited seeds (also ordered from Amazon). I did 2 2 1 1 for the ghost peppers.

      I'm thinking to let the 'greenhouse' sit on the east facing side of my house outside during the day (high 70s and lows 80s) then move inside around sunset (high 60s inside).

      Would you suggest anything different?