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Jan 30, 2014 07:10 PM

Brunch at Pizzeria Biga Royal Oak [DTW]

I have in the past touted Pizzeria Biga. But, I have to admit that some visits have left me feeling overcharged for what little I’ve gotten (excluding atmosphere). Still, I happily return and this time in Royal Oak it was for their brunch which was added last year. Very nice.

I had the Polenta Gorgonzola (photo attached). It was drizzled with a pesto or salsa verde, or whatever it’s called, which was freshly made from some super bitter micro-greens and pungent (not saying cheap!) olive oil…maybe the fried tomatoes were splashed with vinegar, as well. This sharpness shockingly permeated the entire dish. But, I still gobbled up every bite. Great homemade sausage, perfectly poached eggs, and interestingly creamy and complex polenta. I don’t know a lot about polenta, so maybe I’m easy to impress. Really impress. I just wish I’d been given a free piece of bruschetta to help in scraping my bowl clean.

Dear Wife had fritta di funghi (not a skin issue but kind of an open face omelet) involving a fantastic mushroom ragu, chevre cheese, parmigiano reggiano, sautéed onion and “field greens salad.” $8.95--- not bad!

My kid just jumped right to a big wood fired pizza, gelato+cookie and a juice, all for like six bucks or something (some price that made me happy). We were on such a tear that we also ordered a “fresh-baked Italian Danish” featuring almonds and anise seed. This was okay, but did not live up to my unrealistic expectations.

By the way, there was absolutely no line/wait, unlike nearby Ferndale’s Toast and also Fly Trap. Too, most of the employees at Biga look hot and hip, so a person like me anticipates stand-offish service, but quite the opposite was delivered.

I originally wanted to order the Huevos Breakfast—“Wood-fired corn tortilla, chili cilantro beans, basted farm eggs, house blend mozzarella, Biga salsa, romaine, olives and Guernsey sour cream.” Yum. But, I recently tried Guernsey sour cream. It was a choice between them (love their cream!, though I wish it didn’t involve “subtherapeutic antibiotic regimens for increased yields*,” as do 99% of the other brands, too, of course), or Daisy brand from Dallas. Thank you, but I’m going with the local Michigan product. Terrible. All kinds of additives—why??! Literally inedible. I will still proudly keep buying Guernsey’s other products, though. Anyway, no Huevos for me, all jokes aside.

*to quote a big-pharma brochure

PS---Biga has cancelled its Monday half off specials :-( But, every afternoon until 6pm they have half off draft beer and glasses of wine, and on Friday afternoons until 5pm (c’mon sneak out of work a little early--- it’s Friday!) they do have half off pizzas and pastas.

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  1. That brunch sounds like a horrible experience to a cheese-hating idiot like me. VTB, I have to admit that whenever I see a nice-looking female server, I immediately think of you, and how you'd be least on that front.

    I'm disappointed to find out that the Monday 1/2 off deals are gone. Is this at every location, or just the Royal Oak one?

    1. Sounds good, especially the part about no lines.

      And ITA re: sour cream. I would MUCH rather buy a local product whose ingredient list consists of "cream" but AFAIK Daisy is the only such product.

      1. we tried Bigalora in Ann Arbor, the small plates & soup were fine, but the pizza was doughy not cooked enough. I would not get pizza there again. I was very surprised how meh it was.

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        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          Interesting. I would've complained/sent it back. Sounds positively undercooked, as the pizza I've had from Biga has never fit that description. Then again, it's probably been a good year since I've been there.

        2. My pizza from September 2013 - pic atatched. Was definitely cooked "right."
          I usually hit Biga in RO when I stop by Cloverleaf downstairs for wine, about once every few months. Never had an issue with an under-cooked pie ....