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Jan 30, 2014 06:04 PM

PizzaHacker First Try [San Francisco]

I went to PizzaHacker on 29th and Mission this past Sunday for the first time. In all honestly, it blew my socks off. I ordered the Rocket Man. It has arugula, fresh mozzarella, egg, Calabrian chili paste, lemon juice, and other tasty bits I'm forgetting. The crust is many things: crispy, tender, and flavorful. Overall, the flavors were an amazing balance of acidity, bitterness, creaminess, and spiciness.

They also have some great beers on tap. Wine is red or white. I don't think I can get pizza anywhere else now. I'd be curious to hear about other people's experience. I didn't see a thread mentioning it when searching the board.

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  1. We tried it during their soft opening a few weeks ago. Crust was fantastic, and considering they were slammed, and were working some of the soft opening logistics out, they could not have been nicer. At least half the patrons, if not more, were local families with kids.

    Two weeks ago my wife and I ran into Tim Archuleta, and he was nice enough to give us a quick tour of the new Ichi location. While there, he called Pizza Hacker to get a pie, and they were sold out! They had baked every one of the dough crusts they had made on that Saturday.

    With the exploding demographics in Bernal, and the quality of their pizza, they should do very well there!

    1. Went yesterday and the place was packed. I had the Margherita and the Winter Pie.

      Crust - for me, that's the best thing going here. It's interesting and has a nice texture. Slightly sourdoughy. I found the edges to be more tasty that the center. I would've liked the crust a little bit more charred.

      Flavor - Margherita. I enjoyed it's creaminess and flavor. Tried it with the optional chili paste and thought it overpowered the pie. Winter Pie - while I enjoyed it, it seems to be too much of one note and needed something else.

      Ambiance - crowded, noisy, and reminded me of a college bar without the stench.

      Overall, I think it's a good use of the space and I'd return.

      Another Pizza worth trying is Rustic, on 24th @ Mission. I ask for my pies extra crispy there.

      1. Tried it for the first time tonight – we arrived at 6:00 and it was kiddie hour. We have a 6 year old so fine with us but almost all the tables are shared picnic tables so if that’s not your scene you may want to go later. Crust was excellent, perfect chewiness to char to crisp ratio and nice sourdoughish flavor, but quite salty. Tastes like they are sprinkling salt on the rim right before baking. We had the Top Shelf Margherita and the Nettle with lamb sausage and lemon. Supposedly they only make 20 Top Shelf margs per day per the menu – this was excellent, no complaints. The nettle was good, lots of nettles, but the lamb sausage was flavorless – even when I picked a piece off I couldn’t detect any real lamb or even meaty flavor and no hint of lemon. Gialiana’s nettle, pancetta and aged provolone is the nettle gold standard for me flavorcombo-wise, but I prefer Pizzahacker’s crust. The two different draft beers seemed slightly low on the carbonation level so could be a tap issue. Very simple menu just pizzas and one salad plus 4 beers and a couple wines. Overall a great addition to the neighborhood and I’ll certainly be back.