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Jan 30, 2014 04:44 PM

I must admit: I love the North End

I wish more people would review North End restaurants. I love spicy red sauce, the aroma of garlic, and divine spaghetti served up hot and sassy. They never quite seem to get their due. When I want a hearty, nourishing, no-frills meal, it's to the cozy North End I go. Especially to L'Osteria. Bring on the clams in spicy red sauce!!

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  1. I had one of the best and most memorable meals of my life at The Daily Catch.

      1. are bringing me back to those years I lived in the North End. The bet part was walking out of my apartment door on Lewis St and smelling garlic in the air (and the funny this is, I really wasn't right next to any restaurants).

        I miss take out on the way home from are right, there isn't enough love on the board for the hood.

        1. i think those deserving get their due, but there are 100+ restaurants down there and many are downright mediocre.

          off the top of my head: mama maria, carmen, prezza, neptune (yeah, yeah, not italian) artu, l'osteria, monica's, galleria umberto, antico forno, il panino, taranta, daily catch and terramia get mentioned ALL the time when visitors ask for recs.

          for a very few square blocks that's a high number of what would appear to be board favorites.

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            Yours is a very good list imho. For another middle of the road place, I have had some good luck at Artu as well.

          2. I grabbed a couple pizzas from Locale last night. It's worth a look next time you want pizza in that neighborhood. Very solid Neapolitan style pies.