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Jan 30, 2014 04:22 PM

Tannoor bread

Walking past Boucherie Al Khair just east of JTM, I saw some piles of very interesting-shaped flatbreads on their bread counter. I went in, and saw "Tannoor à l'ancienne - Old Way Tannoor", made only of flour (white or brown), filtered water, fresh yeast, sea salt. "No sugar added".

You can see the shape of these breads at their Facebook page: I bought a bag at their regular price of 2,99, but as you can see, at Pierrefonds Loblaws and Mourelatos, they had been on sale cheaper. The package is 600g. One would make a sandwich for a very hearty eater. For me, half a bread would be plenty.

I haven't seen them at the Loblaws close to chez moi, at Parc and Jean-Talon, but they are probably available in locations in many neighbourhoods, and some suburbs.

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  1. We've been buying this bread from Adonis for almost a year now. It's very low sodium, which was GREAT for our baby when he was first exploring solid foods. We love it too - great for sandwiches and even for toasting.

    Thanks for the tips re: sales. I can't remember how much we paid at the Atwater Adonis last week, but I think it was $2.50 or something like that.