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Upscale Superbowl

Are there any upscale restaurants/bars/hotels on the Westside that would be great for Superbowl watching?

By "upscale" I mean to include that the seating is comfortable/cushy, service is outstanding and the crowd is mostly over 30. We're looking for a little more sophisticated atmosphere and better food than is offered at the Wilshire string of Q's/Cabo/BruHaus,etc.

The Hillstone Group's restaurants (Bandera, R+D) could be perfect BUT they either don't open early enough or have TV's that never have the volume up. What do you think?

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      1. re: kevin

        Tommy's has big screen TV, right?

        1. Roy's is having a pretty nice Happy Hour "all night long" (it usually starts around four, but check with them given the game's 3:20 beginning time).

          1. Short Order at the Farmer's Market is featuring 5 TV screens and special food.

            Reservations required to be seated at the upstairs bar area,

            Several tail gate options available if you wish to take it home. Menu and details here:


            1. You might try the Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester. I've not been to that location but the one in Sherman Oaks is pretty posh with a lot of big screens. Not sure about the quality of the wings.....

              1. May not be quite upscale enough (but it's certainly many notches above Buffalo Wild Wings), but the Smith Tap House, a little west of Century City is a nice place to watch a big game. Lots of TVs and much nicer than most other sports bars.

                1. i think waterloo and city is opening at 2 for the game.

                  1. The bar at Tavern in Brentwood will be a lot of fun and food and drinks are great.