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Jan 30, 2014 03:30 PM

Upscale Superbowl

Are there any upscale restaurants/bars/hotels on the Westside that would be great for Superbowl watching?

By "upscale" I mean to include that the seating is comfortable/cushy, service is outstanding and the crowd is mostly over 30. We're looking for a little more sophisticated atmosphere and better food than is offered at the Wilshire string of Q's/Cabo/BruHaus,etc.

The Hillstone Group's restaurants (Bandera, R+D) could be perfect BUT they either don't open early enough or have TV's that never have the volume up. What do you think?

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      1. re: kevin

        Tommy's has big screen TV, right?

        1. Roy's is having a pretty nice Happy Hour "all night long" (it usually starts around four, but check with them given the game's 3:20 beginning time).

          1. Short Order at the Farmer's Market is featuring 5 TV screens and special food.

            Reservations required to be seated at the upstairs bar area,

            Several tail gate options available if you wish to take it home. Menu and details here:


            1. You might try the Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester. I've not been to that location but the one in Sherman Oaks is pretty posh with a lot of big screens. Not sure about the quality of the wings.....