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Jan 30, 2014 01:12 PM

buy hot pot ingredients

Anyone know where in Boston one can buy meat, ingredients, and broth for doing hot pot at home? I assume some stores in Chinatown have the thinly shaved meat but I'm not sure which ones.

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  1. This thread had bulgogi meat, not sure what type of meat you are looking for, but you can put any meat in the freezer until it firms up and is easy to slice thin. Most places in Ctown have the thinly sliced meat in the freezer section the one under the garage that Hei la moon is in has it (cmart?)
    I have just used chicken broth and add some spices after cooking all the food in it the broth becomes pretty tasty. You can add shrimp, squid and fish balls.

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      Cool, thanks. I'm at hei la moon often enough so I'll check that out. I have enough trouble finding things that are there I didn't want to go looking for things that weren't :-)

    2. To echo the previous response - any larger Chinese market will have what you're looking for. You can use store bought broth, but if you want to go fancy, you can also find hot pot broth or seasoning packs at the Chinese markets too. While you're there, you can also pick up greens/veggies, tofu, fish balls, fish paste, noodles, XO sauce...anything you could get at one of the hot pot joints.

      The newer CMart down by Herald Square used to be more organized. There's also a HK Market (fka Mings) almost across the street.