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Where to find Ancho Chiles in Boston or Metrowest?

Where to find Ancho Chiles in Boston or Metrowest?

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  1. I have gotten them at Penzeys in Arlington.

    1. I got some at Joppa Fine Foods, if you find yourself in Newburyport. I am now hooked! They add a lot of flavor and you don't have to use too much.

      Joppa Fine Foods

      1. I'm pretty sure that christina's spice in Inman had dried ones last time I was there.

        1. Market Basket Somerville has them back with the potatoes, across from the fresh peppers. Penzey's in Arlington; Christina's in Inman. I believe I have seen them at La International in Union Square, but they don't always have them in stock.

          1. whole foods (fr pond at least, incl. ancho chile powder.)

            1. The ones at Penzey's are terrific

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              1. I recently got some from the Whole Foods in Melrose. They had packaged ancho chiles for about $7 but also loose ones in the produce area that ended up being far cheaper.

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                  I saw them there this week, as well. Have to assume they are readily available at all Whole Foods.

                2. I just bought some last week at La Chapincita on Moody St. in Waltham. Very inexpensive, too.

                  1. I usually get them at Penzey's. (I like to make my own chili powder, I use Alton Brown's recipe and can get all the peppers and stuff there.)

                    I recently saw them at the Market Basket in Hudson, the newish one next to Lowe's near 495. I've never been a Market Basket fan, but the produce section there is pretty good, with a lot of more-than-usual stuff.

                    1. I've seen two different brands at the Star Market in Allston - you should be able to find them with other varieties of dried chiles in the produce section of many supermarkets.