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Jan 30, 2014 12:44 PM

How many pots and pans? How many slow cookers? etc....Essentials?!

How many things do you cook with on a regular basis? How many pots and pans? Slow cooker? These are the things I use almost daily.

6Q crock pot
deep 14" fry pan
2Q sauce pan
3 cup rice cooker
toaster oven
2 L electric kettle

(I have many other fry and sauce pans but I hardly ever use them. I don't use my processor, my mixer, pressure cookers, very much. My mandoline is still in the box. My bread maker, ice cream maker, electric griddle and electric skillet are used a couple times a year. I go on spurts when I do use my george foreman alot.)

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  1. Cookware:
    5 qt stainless dutch oven
    Smaller saucepan with lid (not sure of size... 1 quart? 2 quart? I dunno)
    12" non-stick skillet
    9" non-stick skillet
    12" cast iron skillet
    half sheet pan

    Chef's knife
    Thick wood cutting board
    garlic smasher

    I got a 6qt slow cooker recently so I've been trying to use it once a week, but I wouldn't call it an essential. I don't bake often, but when I do, my KitchenAid mixer is essential.

    1. Almost daily:
      3 qt saucepan
      1.5 qt saucepan
      12" cast iron skillet

      8" non-stick skillet
      6 qt ECI Dutch oven
      CI wok
      16" Roasting pan

      1. Used daily or almost-daily:
        Stovetop kettle (mainly water for French press coffee)
        Toaster oven (Breville Compact SmartOven, love it)
        10” heavy stainless saute pan

        Used multiple times weekly:
        Sanyo fuzzy logic rice cooker
        KitchenAid stand mixer, mainly just to knead bread dough. Mixer itself is a POS.
        Pizza stone that lives in my oven
        Immersion blender (soups, dressings, sauces, etc.)
        12” stainless pan
        7 qt enameled cast iron dutch oven

        Used once in a while but mostly takes up cabinet space:
        Slow cooker
        Cast iron pan and griddle
        Cuisinart Griddler (with waffle plates)
        Food processor

        1. Used daily:

          3 and 1.5 qt. saucepans
          12" cast iron skillet
          10" cast iron skillet
          8" nonstick fry pan
          box grater
          Multiple wood and plastic cutting boards
          8" chefs knife
          paring knife
          bread knife
          Tea kettle
          French press coffee pot

          Regularly used but not daily:
          Food processor
          Pressure cooker

          1. It's so hard to say daily... but with a frequency no less than several times weekly, these are the most-used items in my kitchen:

            10 Qt SS Stock pot
            7 1/4 qt ECI round french oven
            12" french skillet tri-ply SS
            10" skillet tri-ply SS
            5 QT deep saute tri-ply SS
            10" round CI griddle
            6 QT pressure cooker/slow cooker electric
            10 qt pressure cooker SS stovetop
            2 qt ceramic baker
            3 qt oval ECI gratin
            Duralex tempered glass nesting bowls
            Hamilton Beach Scoop Brewer
            Berard olivewood spoons/spatulas
            Kitchenaid 6 qt mixer
            Cuisinart Custom 14 FP
            Hamilton Beach Toastation (toaster/mini toaster oven)
            Parchment paper
            Press N Seal
            Lekue baggies
            Zojirushi breadmaker
            Breville Crispy pizza maker
            De Longhi gelato maker
            Weck jars
            salad spinner