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Jan 30, 2014 12:17 PM

What's for Dinner #272- The Big Game Edition! [through Feb 3, 2014]

And no, I don't mean lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

I have zero interest in football, but I know that there are those among us who are passionate about the game and their teams. So, here's to you all, and may the outcome make you happy...or enrich you.

Here at whole hog production headquarters, the production on Sunday will be wings made for a couple of neighbors. Make that in excess of 200 wings made by rjbh20. I think I'm responsible for the blue cheese dressing.

So, what's for dinner during the run-up to the Super Bowl, and what do you have planned for the big day?

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  1. At the final run to Costco I bought a 4 layer dip for coffee hour Sunday. That's it for me and football this year.
    I also bought some of their organic ground beef and am throwing together a spanish rice mix that we can enjoy tonight in a couple of yellow peppers as WFD and freeze the rest for later. Freezer diving I located the last of the doctored TJ's corn bread and I think I'll make some coleslaw for a veg.

    1. I pulled Trader Joe's frozen mahi mahi fillets out of the freezer this morning. Not sure what I'm going to do. I think it will either be a quick lime-cilantro-tequila marinade and grilled or dusted with blackening seasoning and baked. White rice and some kind of frozen vegetable on the side.

      I need something easy because I'm also in the middle of finishing an amazing coconut cake that is also a huge pain in the rear to make. I can't handle 2 complicated things at once!

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      1. re: Njchicaa

        I had some frozen mahi from wegmans this week and it was great. I take it you like the TJs quality? I think it's cheaper there. I steamed it on a bed of kale with white wine, garlic and herbs. I was in need of simple too and it was delicious.

        1. re: fldhkybnva

          I have been very happy with it. Of course it isn't nearly as good as the stuff you caught on a boat earlier in the day, but it's great and reasonably priced.

      2. We were total gluttons last night and actually finished the entire 1.5 lb. rib-eye steak! 12 oz. each!! Craziness. Guess we were super-hungry -- but I hafta say it was grilled perfectly to a med-rare, had a nice char & great flavor.

        The spinach got a little red wine injection and a dusting of turmeric, cumin & nutmeg before I added a good splash of heavy cream. My man, who generally barely finishes his one bowl of salad had TWO helpings. Remind me to make blue cheese dressing more often :-)

        As for tonight, we are stoked. Even though Thursday is our Sichuan jour fixe, my man and I've been invited to a Chinese New Year's party at the local hot pot place by the owner of a number of restaurants where we are regulars - namely said hot pot place and the Cantonese/Sichuan/cocktail/sushi place I've mentioned before.

        It's a late-ish event because it's also for his staff, so festivities won't start until 9:30. Which makes me think I'll have a *very* late lunch today (leftover salad with maybe some bacon crumbled on top), and perhaps we'll finally share the TJ's fresh bufflo mozza that's been sitting in our fridge during my head cold as an early app.

        We're meeting a couple of friends for pre-dinner cocktails. Could be a fun evening: the place has private karaoke rooms :-)

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          1. re: roxlet

            Yeah, really excited. And I only had my lunch at 3 PM, so I should be fine with late dinner.

            Not to mention the mozza around 7-ish, perhaps :-)

          2. re: linguafood

            sounds like a blast - can't wait to hear!

          3. Tonight - some form of a hash. I hope to parboil some Yukon Gold potatoes, chop them up, and then sauté them with the remains of the lemon pot roast and some Aleppo pepper and I don't know what else...maybe some chopped onion as well? Any suggestions?

            A fried egg on top, and a glass of wine alongside. The Taste on the tube.

            For the Big Game, I'm thinking ribs. We'll see if I can find them and some non-HFCS BBQ sauce. And I won't be rooting for the Broncos to win. I can't do that. Sorry, julie. :-)

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            1. re: LindaWhit

              I won't be rooting for the Broncos to win either!

              1. re: acssss

                It'll feel weird rooting for an NFC team to win, but - well, you know......

              2. re: LindaWhit

                OK, the hash will be chopped leftover pot roast, par-cooked Yukon Gold potatoes, chopped up, about 1/4 cup of a small sweet onion, half a small shallot, minced, some garlic, and a cup of peas all sauteed together so the potatoes get nice and crispy with some dried thyme and Aleppo pepper sprinkled in, and some heavy cream added towards the end - a fridge cleanout. The egg on top.

                Yup. There's wine. A nice California blend of chardonnay, riesling, and moscato. A Wegman's purchase that I think I'll purchase again.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Well, this didn't work. I was aiming for something like this SeriousEats recipe, but I guess I just didn't cook things far enough. I got a GREAT crust on the bottom of my sauté pan, but not on the potatoes. It eats well, just no crisp to it. I'd get dinged for lack of texture on Top Chef. ;-)


                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    I just don't get the addition of the cream - that to me would seem to be the culprit - wouldn't that just prevent crisping, mush things up?

                    1. re: mariacarmen

                      Agreed, mc. The Serious Eats recipe that I *thought* sounded good; I just didn't cook things long enough, I think. Plus, I definitely overcooked the potatoes.


                      1. re: mariacarmen

                        I add cream at the very end after the nice crispy brown action has already happened. The cream bubbles away pretty quickly and serves to really bring the flavors together. Yum, now I want some hash!

                  2. re: LindaWhit

                    Yum. I used to make a hash almost every night in the summers after work. I could get dinner on the table pretty quickly, and load it up with veggies.

                    My favorite thing to put in hash is sweet white corn. Not at all in season right now, but the kernels get all juicy and caramelized and they're addictive to eat with the taters.

                    1. Is it wrong that it might be 'clean out the freezer' day? I have some costco spring rolls, parma ham, a cantaloupe and some costco spring rolls. We'll call it Costco Day....

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