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Jan 30, 2014 11:22 AM

All Inclusive with Great Food!

I am looking for a gourmet all inclusive resort. I know people will say that it's not possible, but I am a tough food critic (been to all the top restaurants in NYC) and have been to an AI with amazing food. I live in NY and would be traveling with husband, and 3 young kids. So it needs to be a nonstop flight, that is under 5 hours. We stayed at Karisma Azul Sensatori in Riviera Maya Mexico, and that location was very convenient. Would definitely try another resort in that area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Grand Velas, Riviera Maya. For someone with your discriminating tastes, nothing but the best.


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      Found this review.... amusing, if not informative:

      Marym do you care to share your previous amazing AI food experience?

      1. re: julesrules

        What a spectacularly strange review! Julesrules, thank you for posting it.

        After I suggested the Gran Velas, I read the OP's ideas about it in the other AI thread. According to the reviews on TripAdvisor, they do take children. I wonder if that is a new policy. OP, you might want to ask them.


        1. re: cristina

          It's definitely worth an ask, since the place sounds amazing!

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            Wow, just checked another site, and it seems that some of the previous "adults only" restaurants are now doing just what I was suggesting that they do. They are having an hour and a half early opening for guests with young kids. This may just be our next trip now!!

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            What a ridiculous review by Milehihair! As long as it was it and professing to tell you about the food it didn't say anything informative at all. I wonder how many times the word "weird" was used!!!!!

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              Absolutely - we stayed at Karisma Resorts - Azul Sensatori. It's the same owner as the El Dorado couples resorts, but the Azul resorts are family friendly. They had numerous restaurants, one of which was a gourmet 12 course tasting menu - phenomenal. The other restaurants were Italian, carribean, tapas, Mexican. Pretty straight forward, but really had delicious meals. The resort itself was just beautiful. We actually went back a second time bc we loved it so much. Tons of things for the kids too which was a big bonus.

              1. re: marym1220

                Wow - doesn't look like the kind of place that shows up often as a last-minute deal but nice fantasy trip :)

          3. La Maroma is the best on the Mexican Caribbean, you would have to check about the little people.
            Edit: nevermind, it's child tolerant but not child friendly.

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              Lol, okay so that's a no. Thanks for checking! Yes, I'd rather my children be "welcomed" and not just "tolerated" :)