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Jan 30, 2014 10:53 AM

Augusta, Maine

Lunch suggestions for Augusta, Maine please.

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  1. Without knowing details of price, cuisine, etc...I would suggest Slates. Wide variety of very competent food, nice space, open for lunch.

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      Price does not matter and flexible on cuisine. Looking for great food.

    2. Slates is in Hallowell, about 2 m. down the road, where you'll also find The Liberal Cup, one of Maine's best brew pubs with excellent pub-style food.

      1. Augusta is a bad food town. I agree about Slates and the Liberal Cup in Hallowell. There used to be a very good Thai restaurant in Hallowell, which I believe has closed. Slates also has a bakery with sandwiches that are very good.

        In Augusta, Bay Wraps near the State House has pretty good wraps. But pretty much any place with decent food goes out of business in Augusta before long, I am sad to say. Years ago, there was a great Chinese restaurant, which closed because people in Augusta seem to prefer really bad Chinese food.

        1. Agree that Hallowell has best choices...Slates, Liberal Cup. Also Cafe de Bangkok for Thai and sushi.

          Augusta has Sweet Chili...decent Thai at the airport.

          "Diner" style lunch (and breakfast all day at House of Pancakes.

          1. They don't nickname is Disgusta for nothing...