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Looking for Prime Bone-In Thick Cut Ribeye or Portehouse Steaks

Anywhere other than Savenors, which isn't all that convenient to me... Or should I just order from Lafreida?

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  1. M.F. Dulock in Somerville or most of the winter markets with meat vendors (stillman's at the Brookline winter market, probably someone at the armory in Somerville, etc)

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      Where are you located? Savenors really is best for this type of beef you describe. Sulmona in the North End will get what you need, but call ahead. Fresh Pond Market can be good as well, but likewise you have to check what they have for prime. Dewars just closed. Costco Everett had some nice thick prime ribeyes last week.

      Dulock offers excellent product and often has in house aged steaks, however Prime grade meat isn't really their thing. They will plainly tell you this and that they are different than a place like Savenors. Stillman's and other market vendors will have grass fed product, but not much prime. Also, you likely need to order ahead to get thick cut steaks from a market vendor such as that. I have found most Whole Foods locations difficult about getting or cutting something not already in the case.

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        Located in Marblehead, I've had nice thick steaks from Butcher Boy in North Andover and Sulmona in the NE cut to order, just not prime.

    2. many wholefoods will either have those cuts "outback" or can bring it in for you.

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        I've tried my local Whole Foods and they wouldn't cut it any thicker than what was in the case about 1 1/4"... Maybe I'll take a ride to the shiny new one in Lynnfield.

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          Whatever happened to Kinneally meats? I used to get them to cut stuff (years and years ago).

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            They are located in the Milton Fruit Center. Good stuff.

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              Thanks for the response. I thought they ran a good shop back in the 1970s/80s. Haven't knowingly had their stuff for awhile so that is good to hear.

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          Every Whole Foods butcher I've ever asked has been willing to cut steaks however thick I want (assuming they have more in the back). Have they changed their policy?

        3. Saw some at Haverhill Beef Company the other day, if you're in that area ever.
          Got some nice prime tips there last week, seared 'em over high heat, Like this:

          smoked up the house pretty good, but.....yumm

          1. Personally I'd get it from Savenors (which isn't all that convenient for me either), but who's meat I much prefer to WF. Another option, although also out of the way, is Wegman's in Northborough, which IIRC carries prime grade in those two cuts, and will cut to specific thicknesses.

            1. Look up the Meat House. They have locations in Arlington, Beverly, Chelmsford and N. Andover. Call and they'll either have what you want or they'll get it.

              I used to go their former location in Brookline. They had prime and aged cuts like this and will cut to order, though they might not have exactly what you want if you just walk in.

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                Meat House can be OK for some things, but I'd definitely call first, they don't have prime in every cut, I think they usually have it in Delmonico, but not sure about bone-in Rib steak or Porterhouse.

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                  I got a rather nice 2 inch caveman style rib eye from the Meat House a while back.

                2. Costco has USDA Prime boneless rib eye's and also NY strips. A USDA Choice rib eye can be well marbled, you may not need Prime.

                  1. Wegman's in Northborough usually has in house dry aged prime and will cut to order.

                    1. I've gotten those at BJ's in Quincy, so I assume other ones would have it. You have to ask the butcher though, and sometimes they are out of the Prime meat. But if I give them a few days notice they can get it.

                      1. McKinnions Butcher has a usda prime logo on the home page and it clicks through to Certified Angus Beef?

                        I'm sure they would cut to order. Might be work checking out in Danvers or Salem


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                        1. Butcher Boy in North Andover

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                            How far in advance do you need to order at Butcher Boy?

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                              they have thick (app. 2") bone in ribeyes cut daily, I've never been there and they've run out. Also a great double thick boneless ribeye and porterhouses. The staff is wicked helpful and if they don't have one to your liking at the counter they'll cut you one. They have porterhouses too, not sure on the thickness, I've never gotten one.

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                                They are Choice though, not Prime. I've heard they can order Prime.

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                                  My bad, I forgot you were looking for prime. I've never ordered prime from them before.

                          2. Not certain about prime but I have seen some nice looking long bone thick rib eye steaks at the Tuscan Market at Tuscan Grill in Salem. I would definitely call ahead before going there.

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                              I was going to mention Tuscan Market, too, but thought it might be too far for the op. The chops are gorgeous but I'm not sure about prime either. It's a fun place to go for a quick, delicious bite and to pick up some excellent pasta. It's really silky and and the ravioli are excellent.

                              Just to avoid any confusion, it's Salem, NH.

                            2. I think convenience will win and I'll just grab them from Whole Foods. I had a strip last night from WF and it was actually really good, not quite as thick as I'm looking for but $23 lb isn't too bad.

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                                WF will cut them for you to the thickness you like, at least the one in Brighton does that for me.

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                                  I think River St. in Cambridge might, too, but the others in Cambridge/Somerville/Charlestown may not.

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                                    I encountered resistance every time I've asked them for something special at River Street (and every other WF).

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                                    Ive tried numerous times at the Swampscott Whole Foods to no avail. Although they have cut me double cut pork chops once.

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                                      I've been in the Swampscott WF, but never had a special request for the butcher. Been shopping frequently at the recently opened Melrose WF and while I have been "begrudgingly" accommodated at the butcher counter, I typically get what I want.
                                      That being said, if I were you, I would walk straight to the manager of the store and let them know what you are experiencing. Whole Foods bills the meat department as a full service butcher. They should act like it.