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Jan 30, 2014 06:26 AM

Runaway boulder crashes through Italian vineyard

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  1. Don't know if the zoning inspector will force the vineyard to move its building to a "safer" location.

    I would have been cool to see the boulders crash live!!

    1. Hi, Jason:

      This undoubtedly will result in more flinty, wet rock minerality in the wines from the 2014 harvest.


        1. Does that count as the first press?

          1. I’ve visited this area every winter for the past decade. I find the scenery of these vineyards in the Dolomite Alps spectacular. IMO, the wines of this area are outstanding. This slide was very near the Elena Walch winery that is famous for its Gewürztraminer. This is the area where the finest Italian Gewürztraminer is produced. I especially like what I call “mountain grown” Chardonnay produced from the vineyards perched on the sides of these hills, both as still wine and sparkling Trento DOC Brut. The pictures of the destroyed vineyards were painful, like the pictures of the Vouvray destruction earlier this year.

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              << I find the scenery of these vineyards in the Dolomite Alps spectacular. >>

              I'm with you, BN1. Some wineries are on spectacularly steep terrain in Tramin/Bolzano/Sudtirol -- I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. Or perhaps it does, but doesn't get international press. The views from on high are utterly amazing.

              I have loved my time in this area as well, and find it so different from the rest of Italy. Love Elena Walch. Such a smart woman who makes fine wine.