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Jan 29, 2014 11:30 PM

Visitors to London : new kosher crisps (or what you ptobably call potato chips!)

For those of you who only visit to enjoy the delights of salt and vinegar crisps, and who have wept over the removal of McCoys and Walkers from the KLBD list - there is good news:)

(Having sampled all the flavours, I am happy to report that this is a great range. Best flavour IMHO: sweet and sour)

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  1. Cute product names. I am not in the target as I virtually never eat chips/crisps but glad to see it for my neighbors here in the UK.

    1. Aw, no smokey bacon crisps? I seem to recall that Walker's were kosher, vegetarian, maybe gluten-free, and totally, insanely addictive. But it's been far too long since I've been in London.

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      1. re: rockycat

        The hickory bbq ones are probably the closest substitute!

      2. Those look delicious. Must keep this in mind the next time I go to London. I adore your username, Subtletea.

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        1. re: CloggieGirl

          Thank you! It seemed appropriate since I'm a He-brew;)

        2. Under whose hechsher are they, and are all flavours kosher? Are they all parev as well? I don't see them on the LBD web site.

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          1. re: zsero

            If you click on the link above you'll see the hechsher (Mehadrin) and that they are all kosher and parev:)

            1. re: Subtletea

              The link just takes me to a page that says "Ten Acre crisps, hand cooked with love, packed with crunch", and pictures of eight bags, each of which links to a little story and nutritional information. I don't see anything about kashrus. And the company's home page is just confusing.

              1. re: zsero

                That first page has a bunch of symbols in the top right-hand corner.....

                1. re: Subtletea

                  Hmm, they show up in Chrome, but not in Firefox. I wonder why.

                  Anyway, so the hechsher is Manchester Adass.

                  1. re: zsero

                    Weird, looks fine here on Chrome and Firefox... plugin/browser settings? Then again, both of you had the same issue. Maybe it was just temporary.

                    1. re: tamarw

                      I didn't have a problem, it was just zsero. (MY only problem was finishing the last packet of crisps - must get some more!)