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Jan 29, 2014 10:17 PM

Live crawfish for Super Bowl Sunday??

Any ideas/recommendations where to get nice-sized crawfish at a decent price around New Orleans this early in the season?

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  1. Given that these are relative terms...$20/lb might get you something if you are Warren Buffett...I'd still say "forget it." Crawfish were $6.00/ pound last week in Houma. Three week ago Comm. Agriculture Mike Strain said the heavy rain had slowed down pond production and was threatening what had appeared to be the best harvest in a couple of years. Now, we've had two ice storms in one week with temperatures in the 20s. I don't know that anyone has been able to measure the damage from last week yet. The past three days should all but shut it down for the next week.

    the good news is that Mardi Gras is late so supplies ought to be better by then. I'll check with a source in Basile and see when he plans to start up(he is probably not bothering right now if he runs to form).. Super Bowl, unfotunately, has become one of the biggest days of the year for crawfish sellers and it is a shame because they are often too small

    1. I accidentally posted on another super bowl headed piece but news today from the crawfish propmotion people that there is one inch thick ice on the ponds in St Landry and New Iberia is running one-third to one-half inch. Even when the farmers can get in there, good luck finding the things which will be burrowed deep. The cold should not be a problem except insofar as it impedes harvest but there just are not going to be any this weeken..or anywhere near enough,assuming someone got a harvest in early and has kept them alive like that Crawfish Company is said to do.

      Good news is that when the ones that escaped the Super Bowl massacre DO come out they should be bigger. Mardi Gras might be pretty good.

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        thanks for the reply. I have a friend farming some between lake charles and lafayette for $4/pound

        1. re: NolaCannon

          In this weather? $4.00 a pound? that is a kinfolk deal and I cannot imagine the things are largen enough to be of concern.
          If you have this miracle source, why ask in the first place? Just wonderin'

          1. re: hazelhurst

            I asked because I didn't want to drive 3 hours to pick them up. I just moved here a year ago, and I don't know anyone around New Orleans who farms crawfish personally. I was told with the warmer weather coming this weekend, a few people around Lake Charles and Lafayette will be selling.

            1. re: NolaCannon

              Ah! more information helps. No one "farms" crawfish in New Olreans...the "farms" are in Acadiana although I saw a small one last week near Napoleonville.

              But, the 'warm weather coming this weekend" does not translate to an irruption of crawfish goodies. There is simply no time between the thaw of today and the demand of Sunday to wheedle the little darlings out of the mud. It ain't happening. Do not be deceived.

              1. re: NolaCannon

                Just for grins I check Tony's in Baton Rouge and they said look up an Advocate article today. Sure enough, D&T in Abbeville is mentioned charging $4.50 for live, $6 for cooked. Tony's said they thought they might get 30 sacks today (as of 1:00 they hadn't). There just isn't any out there, they said.

                as I said earlier, another few weeks though and we ought to be in Hog Heaven

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  Speaking of crawfish I'm sure you meant Bog Heaven.

                  Wife had crawfish last night. they were smallish and i didn't ask the cost, but she said they were very good.

        2. The original comment has been removed