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Jan 29, 2014 09:08 PM

restaurant suggestions for my Club meetings ? [mid-Westchester]

we are really scratching our head on this one. My mid-Westchester club holds monthly meetings with about 50 people, and we have presenters and videos, etc. so we need a private room able to comfortably hold that many folks. Any kind of food is fine, so long as it is reasonably priced and there is at least some variety offered. PARKING is a big one; need to have easy parking; finally mid-Westchester is necessary to accomodate all the club members. any ideas folks ? very much obliged !

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  1. Have you checked out any of the hotels in White Plains or Tarrytown? Seems like this is the sort of thing they accommodate frequently.

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    1. re: Elisa515

      we had looked into hotels in white plains but wow. $$$$$$$$ so our thought/hope was a diner or tavern or some such ! so we keep looking !

      1. re: decisive_moment

        Did you try Tarrytown hotels? The Marriott or Doubletree both have plenty of parking and should be more reasonable than the hotels in downtown White Plains.

        How about the Rye Town Hilton?

        Sounds like what you need is a meeting room with a buffet and audio visual hookups--that's something they do for corporate groups routinely. If you want people to be able to order off a menu, though, you are getting into a much more expensive proposition.

        You didn't say whether you want this space for a lunch or dinner meeting. If for lunch, I suggest calling some local Rotary clubs to find out where they meet.

        1. re: Elisa515

          Marriott or Doubletree is a great idea. will check it out. i know another Club that used to meet in the Sheraton Mahwah and that worked out great... our meetings would be for dinner and the meeting would include presentations, so the audio-visuals provided by the hotels would be routine as you say. but re the buffet idea: our club members are in the habit of a burger or wings and a wrap or a pasta dish or big salad -- but show stopper is that they want to order and pay for their own food... so this might be an impossible combination :-( some compromises will have to be made - and seemingly no one wants to -- so i am about to give up...

          1. re: decisive_moment

            I don't have any specific hotel recommendations but every year my husband and his college friends get together in Pittsburgh at the start of baseball season to do their fantasy league draft. They rent a meeting room at one of the places like a Hampton Inn or that level hotel. They order food off the menu, not buffet, but it's all burgers, chicken fingers, sandwiches, etc, and it's reasonably priced.

            Granted, that's in Pittsburgh and the group is like 20 people, but perhaps one of the hotels in White Plains or Tarrytown would work out.

            1. re: valerie

              that sounds like a plan, Valerie. will continue my journey searching and will round up the new suspects !

            2. re: decisive_moment

              It's hard to imagine a hotel (or really, anywhere!) that would work with a group of 50 with separate ordering and checks. I realize this isn't what you think should happen. :)

              Perhaps a hotel would be willing to have a small menu choice, with preordering, at one fixed price. Someone from your group would then do the individual money collection. This is the sort of arrangement made by Rotary groups, for instance.

              Please do let us know what you end up doing!

              1. re: Elisa515

                Yes, I agree about the separate checks being a problem.

                Knowing that there are a few cheapskates in my husband's baseball group, I asked him how it works at his draft, he said "everyone puts in something like 20 bucks and they have drinks (soda) included".

                So like you said, maybe the hotel can offer a few choices at a set price.

                1. re: Elisa515

                  i like the idea of fixed price for fixed menu with some alternatives, but it will never work at this time with our club sadly -- so we are doomed. maybe someone in our club has a better idea. Tanks very much for the suggestions but i have reached the end of the line on this and defer to the vicissitudes of history and life on this, maybe something will eventually change here ! :-)

                  1. re: decisive_moment

                    You clearly have a thankless task! We all sympathize.

                    I suggest having some of the people insisting on separate checks and a full menu do the searching--since they seem to believe what they want is possible.

        2. Could you meet at a lodge or clubhouse and cater? It might be tricky finding a place where you can show videos. A hotel restaurant like Teddy's at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco might also work for your needs.

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          1. re: applesauce23

            we thought about catering but what we are hoping for is a place where we dont have to pay; if we all order dinner presumably there would be no charge. so it is rather complicated ! :-) we thought about mt. kisco but for our central westchester members, that is too far . for our mamaroneck and yonkers members, mt. kisco unfortunatley wont work... so the search continues !

            1. re: decisive_moment

              What would you consider mid-Westchester? If you named some towns, that could help Chowhounders pinpoint ideal locations for you.

              Catering from a pizza place/deli + cost of lodge of clubhouse might be about the same as a sit down restaurant. Just a thought. =)

              1. re: applesauce23

                mid-westchester wpuld be somewhere close to the 287 corridor up to 4 miles north or south i would say. thanks for the clarification ! greenburgh, white plains, north white plains, valhalla, purchase, fairview, elmsford - all great locations ! agreed that deli/pizza place type catering + cost of lodge ~=~ cost of restaurant -- but our club members are in the habit of a burger or wings and a wrap or a pasta dish and they want to order and pay for their own food... this might be an impossible combination :-( something has to give and there has to be some compromises but you know how clubs are !

                1. re: decisive_moment

                  Maybe Racanelli's Original Pizza and Brew in White Plains could work:

                  Ron Blacks Beer Hall in White Plains might also work:

                  I also found Thornwood Ale House:

                  Hope one of these places works out for you!

                  1. re: applesauce23

                    Thank you applesauce23 ! we will deliberate and check out pizzaandbrew and Ron Blacks . don't know either of those two restaurants (not yet anyhow) and you may have hit pay dirt for us here ! cheers,

                    1. re: decisive_moment

                      I've been to Ron Black's a few times. I doubt they have a space that would be quiet enough to set up what you want at night (or even midday). But maybe they have a secret space I haven't seen.

          2. TGIF on rte 119 in Tarrytown has a space on the side that might work out (and a good-sized parking lot.) I've been there with a group of 15 and separate checks were not a problem.

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            1. re: otisman

              thanks i will check them out otisman !

            2. Are the meetings in the day or at night? Do the attendees come in separate cars or do they carpool?

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              1. re: SeanPK

                Hello SeanPK, the meetings last from 18:30-21:00 and involve video presentations and lectures and individuals arrive in their own vehicles from all over Westchester :-)

              2. Sam's of Gedney Way in W.P.??

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                1. re: Westjanie

                  nice place! great food, great service, great parking, great meeting room. perfect. but they don't do separate checks in their meeting room and no one in the club wants buffet style. some people just want a salad, some just mac'n'cheese, some want just wings, some are vegetarian, and some like to chow down. so this is truly hopeless.