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So what's the latest and greatest sushi place in Tucson?

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  1. Yoshimatsu.
    On Campbell Avenue north of Grant, south of Glenn.
    Beneath the cool, healing pine.
    Nowhere else for many miles
    serves, with fond care,
    such sinuous, shimmering
    jewels from the sea.

    The separate sushi room serves
    Better than most of what you'd find in LA.
    Much better.

    Lunch is a calm pleasure.
    Dinner can be boiterous.

    Also great dining room - more rural Japan - for bentos, undon, et alia.

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    1. re: MF Munday
      JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

      You put it so well
      That I could feel myself there.
      I'll drive from Phoenix.

      Link: http://thecosmicjester.blogspot.com

      1. re: MF Munday
        Miss Tenacity

        dined Yoshimatsu
        first natto - what can I say?
        yum, slimy goodness


        Link: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/binary/65...

      2. I am in the process of setting up a site to direct people to great sushi in Tucson, AZ.
        If you have any reviews you would like to share send them to me at reviews@tucsonsushisociety.com

        1. Yama sushi is amazing -- their rolls are creative and so good!

          1. love Sachiko on Valencia!

            1. I haven't been down to Tucson in quite a while. But when I did go, we would make it a point to stop at Sushicho(sp)?
              I've dined at alot of sushi bars, and these guys have the largest portions I have ever experienced.
              I believe they are on 16th and Broadway, right across from Safeway.

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                Sushi Cho, on Campbell and Broadway (SW corner) and the portions are too big in my opinion--I like sushi to be bite-sized, not require a knife.

              2. Yamato, in the crappy strip mall on Grant between Park and 1st Ave, is just too good. I want it to be closer to my house.

                Sushi Saga, on speedway between Country Club and Tucson Blvd, is great, with some caveats. It was almost hard to find sushi that didn't have cream cheese in it, which I don't usually care for, but everything we got was unbelievably fresh, tasty, and beautifully done. It's a peculiar combination of sushi bar and Mexican food, and a friend who has groups of Japanese consultants in town says that the consultants have routinely liked Sushi Saga the best, for whatever reason.

                1. anybody know where yuki-san, formerly of mikado in scottsdale, ended up? he came from a tucson sushi place when the opened it (right about where the pink taco sits now) & went back down there years ago.

                  1. Yoshimatsu is good. I also like Sushi Ten on Speedway, just west of Swan. It is kind of a dive, but the sushi is consistently excellent and the prices are surprisingly low. Sushi Cho at Broadway/Campbell is pretty good, very casual, but in my opinion they make their rolls and ngiri almost TOO big. Good value as well.

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                      I also like Sushi Ten on Speedway...


                      Sushi Ten remains in Tucson in name only. It was sold by the owner to a chain and in my opinion it is now awful. The real Sushi Ten is now in Awataukee up north and it is called Sushi Ken and it is as great as ever!

                    2. I remember Mikado; I believe Yuki when he went back to Tucson had a sushi place on the far east side of town, and then opened one near the UA campus, but I haven't been there in ages.

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                        He did. Yuki Sushi out on Tanque Verde closed / morphed into an all-you-can-eat sushi place that no longer sports his name. His place on Campbell is still open.

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                          thank you chris & booklegger. what is the name of the place on campbell? have you been anytime recently? and is he still there?


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                            Yuki Sushi is the name... I haven't been recently, since it's on the wrong side of town, but drove by and saw that it was still open a couple of weeks ago. When I was there several months ago, Yuki was still there.