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Jan 29, 2014 06:14 PM

Himalayan Treasures for Spices

Himalyan Treasures at University Square (across King from Pucks Alley) now sells Indian Spices at what seems to me to be very good prices in a variety of sizes. I don't know what I would do with a 5 pound bag of Garam Masala, but I can get it there - as well as a more convenient size. They also have a variety of snacks, sauces, beans, peas, etc.

I guess I'm gonna have to learn some Indian cooking now.

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  1. The Indian Store now has competition?

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    1. You can get most of those spices in the quantities you want from the bulk spice section next door at Kokua Market. Most ground spices lose a lot of their potency/flavor after 6 months, so it is usually not cost effective to buy large quantities to "save money." Better to buy just what you need when you will use it soon.

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        Curry spices can keep for a long time... I have some that I bought some years ago and it is as good ... To perk it up, you need to sauté fresh ginger and onion/garlic and the dry spices need to be mixed with little water to form a paste and add to the sautéed fresh spices above until the aroma permeates the kitchen space. After that you can add the main ingredients and other additional spices called for.

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          agreed macaraca. like i said i have no idea what i would do with a 5 pound bag, but they have it there - and they have smaller sizes too, at reasonable prices. for whatever reason I've never been a fan of kokua market, but either way its good to have options.

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            Price wise - Kokua is more expensive than Down To Earth, IMO.