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Lorenzo - SOBE

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Yup another Italian in SOBE but a very good one. Did not have the opportunity to eat much but I recommend it.

Meatballs - really great, might be better than macchialina's -- very close
Spaghetti Nadia - very good but not as good as scarpetta's equivalent pasta
Lamb ribs - very good
Prosciutto bomba - great

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  1. stayed at The Redbury in December and heading back next week.....ate at Lorenzo and enjoyed it very much. I, too, had the Spaghetti Nadia and enjoyed it very much--great tasting San Marzano tomato sauce along with an extra helping of aged reggiano parmesan cheese. The basic margherita pizzette was good as well...would definitely eat here again....might try the new Cavalli Lounge, though, next week.

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        CF, when did you go and what did you have?

        1. re: tpigeon

          Early on. Grilled octopus and Tagliolini Ciro Marina. Both were a mess.

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            Herald said it was inconsistent (sometimes great, sometimes what you reported) but noted that at the end of their review they recently brought a guy from their Chicago restaurant to clean it up (but she only tried the old chef). I think I was the beneficiary of that as I went the day that review was posted.

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              Which makes the rush to publish a review rather puzzling. But this of course a more general issue with the newspapers pushing to review earlier and earlier in order to compete with other outlets instead of trying to distinguish themselves by being more reliable and authoritative. The restaurant will not get re-reviewed, and so that will basically stand as the Herald's review of it, even though it may not be representative of the experience in 3 months.