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Jan 29, 2014 05:19 PM

BC focused beer forums

is/ are there any beer forums that are local or at least have a local section ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Beer Advocate has a Canada forum ( but honestly I'm never on there. I get most of my local beer info by following Camra Vancouver on Facebook and Twitter. Heck, follow all of the local beer places/breweries on Facebook and you'll find a ton of leads and info organically.

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      1. re: flowbee

        #YVRBeerTweetup's another excellent source.

        1. re: Florentine

          Thanks will have a look , was a member of Camra and know of places with blogs etc but definetely wanted to be able to post questions and get varied info from different contributers , thanks and keep them coming

          1. re: vandan

            Heh, you could try here ;) I can talk forever about beer.

            1. re: flowbee

              Ok how bout this then , what is the best value NW style ipa at BCLS , Red Racer fantastic but a little pricey for an "everyday/weekday" beer

              1. re: vandan

                Well, out of the "Big 3" local IPAs available at BCLS that I drink:

                Driftwood Fat Tug IPA - $0.0088 per ml ($5.75 per 650ml bottle)
                Central City Red Racer IPA - $0.0061 per ml ($12.95 per 6-pack - 2.13L)
                Lighthouse Switchback IPA - $0.0058 per ml ($12.43 per 6-pack)

                Switchback is my cheapest favourite. But then you're only saving 50 cents per 6-pack, so not a big difference... Beer here is expensive no matter how you slice it. Even a 1.9L growler fill can cost you $11+ here.

                The cheapest "beer" at BCLS is probably all the Bowen Island stuff that I wouldn't recommend if you have any dignity.

                As much as I like Red Racer IPA, for everyday kind of drinking I prefer stuff like Brassneck Passive Aggressive, or 33 Acres of Ocean, both hopped-up pale ales that have a ton of flavour without being too heavy or strong.

                1. re: flowbee

                  I like all those 3 as well , but RR is actually $13.40 (bought it last night) @BCLS (.063/ml) funny I was a huge fan of the Switchback as well but last time not so much and ( maybe cause did side by side with RR ) and FT although very good is definetely too pricey , funny though as for as BI beers they are not good BUT the "Artisan (ya right) IPA is my go to beer as its imo THE best beer at that price at the BCLS , its not a great IPA but s
                  at that price it is a good beer , beats the shit out of all the crappy cheap lagers , ales and those styles of beer (of which I am not a fan at all ) btw where do u buy the Brassneck and 33 acres ?

                  1. re: vandan

                    As far as I know the only place to get them is at the breweries, in growlers.

                    I personally prefer Parallel 49...Gypsy Tears and Hopparazzi are great IMHO (and I also loved Lord of the Hops...RIP)

                    1. re: jerkstore

                      i liked the Hopparazzi , bought it a few times when it was "on sale" at BCLS , but i prefer even them hoppier and more citrusy like the RR , FT and SB

                      1. re: vandan

                        I'd give Gypsy Tears a shot, I'm a fan of big hops as well and it's pretty satisfying - though not to the same extent as LOTH was. I've heard good things about their new red IPA as well (robo ruby) but haven't actually tried it yet.

                          1. re: vandan

                            Sorry, Lord of the Hops. Apparently they are no longer making it due to a cease and desist order from whoever owns the Lord of the Rings trademark (how stupid). I'm hoping they are just going to come up with a new name as it's one of my favourites.

                            If you can track down a bottle or two do it now before it disappears.

                            1. re: jerkstore

                              The sudsssssss, my precious sudssssss ......

                                1. re: vandan

                                  That one you can (could?) get at BC liquor stores, in 650mL bombers. Not sure if it's still around but worth a look at least.

                                  1. re: jerkstore

                                    cool how long ago? will have a look

                                    1. re: jerkstore

                                      looks like its still @ BCLS will give it a go, but ultimately what i'm really trying to find is something under the radar that is cheaper than Red Racer (my fave IPA , but still a bit too pricey ) those 650 ml bombers always work out to be more to way more expensive than RR

                                2. re: jerkstore

                                  Granville Street Liquor (Granville and 10th) has it in stock.

                                  The better IPAs all seem to hit ~$12 and change /6 pack in BCLS - up to 14-16 in the private stores. In the private stores, Phillips Hop Circle is typically priced a buck or two less than RR.

                                  I'm not saving any money but sure feel I get most bang for my buck with a growler full of fresh beer.

                                  Enjoying a lovely pale from 33 Acres as I type :-)