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Jan 29, 2014 03:19 PM

Sunday dinner in Naples

I'm looking for a tip for a February Sunday dinner in Naples. We'll be staying in the Palazzo Decumani hotel in the center and would prefer to walk to dinner and back, about 10-15 minutes walk is fine. So something in the centro storico? It shouldn't be pizza as we'll be having that for lunch (need a quick lunch that day). We love fish but we haven't been south of Rome yet, so anything typically Neapolitan would do, in an informal setting (trattoria, not fancy restaurant). Any price is fine though. Thank you!

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  1. I cant add to my reccs on this old thread.

    Stanza del Gusto is very close, and several of the others on this threads are quick walks from your hotel. Others will be farther but still walkable

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      Sorry, I was thinking of the Hotel Decumani de Charme - you are a bit father a way from Stanza del Gusto where you are.

      I agree with kmzed about the walk distance to Hosteria Toledo which I also recommend (see the other thread). They have a varied menu and we had fritto misto di mare there but its not a fish specialist. We were very happy with the welcome there as well as our food and I think it would give you a good sample of the Neapolitan traditions. Sunday is pretty quiet in the Centro.

      You might want to consider Ciro a Santa Brigida also , but youd need to call or check whether they are open Sundays.

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        I am pretty sure Ciro a Santa Brigida is not open on Sundays but worth a call because they have an extensive seafood menu.

        However -- although I don't think Stanza del Gusto describes in any fashion the kind of restaurant the OP has said is desired -- it is a closer walk to the Hotel Palazzo Decumani than either Hosteria Toledo or Ciro a Santa Brigida (if the latter is open).

        Maybe La Locanda del Grifo would work if not walking far is the issue. Very convenient to the hotel, low key traditional Neapolitan place with plenty of seafood options (people think it is only a pizzeria but it is full restaurant with many other options). Open Sundays.

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          when we ate at Stanza del Gusto on a sunday, they were serving in the very informal downstairs space, not the upstairs dining room. Nothing about the place read fancy and they were very friendly. It was definitely regional cooking we ate (a zucca based soup, a chickpea and grain dish) etc. but not unselfconsciously or traditionally so like the other places we are discussing here. Hosteria Toledo is a straight up trattoria (slowfood pick) - Ciro a Santa Brigida has an old-fashioned formal air, but the prices are reasonable and their menu extends through pizza and fish/seafood to the Neapolitan classics. They have a very nice antipasto bar with good veg offerings.
          Hope you will have more than one day in Naples so that you can enjoy the scene.

    2. Mimi alla Ferrovia for seafood and seafood pastas

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        sorry i am no longer able to edit my above post but I put 2+2 together and remembered that Mimi alla Ferrovia isn't open on the day you want to go. The excellent Hosteria Toledo fits the bill if you want traditional but informal although it does not have an extensive fish menu. It is open on Sundays for both lunch and dinner. But it is more like a 20 minute walk from your hotel. But it is a straightforward walk down wide streets.