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Beef Bourguignon

What is the least expensive meat to use for beef bourguignon? Need to make a lot and don't mind butchering a big piece

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  1. I have no idea. I usually use a chuck roast.

    1. Whatever you find on sale at the best price per pound.

      1. Chuck or rump roast, whichever you can find cheapest.

        1. The best help I can give you is that you need to familiarize yourself with which cuts of beef lend themselves to braising, and go from there.
          This way, you can make decisions like this on the fly, in your store, and work within your budget the best you can.


          1. These days there really are no inexpensive beef cuts. I use boneless chuck roast because it is less expensive than most other cuts of beef and it is easy to trim and cut into chunks suitable for beef bourguignon. Long slow cooking will produce tender, flavorful meat.

              1. Chuck is superior to any of the "rounds" from be rear of the animal. Top round, bottom round & rump roast will yield out cheaper than chuck because they are all lean meat but I think you'll find the end results too dry.

                1. You might check out shanks at a Latin market, where the prices are generally better (at least around here) than at mainstream supermarkets.

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                      Interesting idea--I was at a Viet/Thai grocer a while ago and they had boneless beef shin. Had never seen that before.

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                        I used to sell for a local meat purveyor who were famous for their fresh ground beef for hamburgers. It was great! The German butchers who made it used a combination of 3 way chucks and shin meat. I don't know the proportions.