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Jan 29, 2014 02:07 PM

Yummy Hero, Bambu, Crab Garden Opening in Rowland Heights

Yummy Hero has soft opened in the former location of JJ Noodle, the Shanghai style noodle house. I would describe it as a Taiwanese cafe and drink operation. Address is 18303 Colima Road, #B. A couple of doors down Bambu looks like it's almost ready to open for drinks and desserts. You know the drink craze is getting out of hand when drink shops open up where print shops used to be. Also in the same shopping center at Fullerton Road and Colima, Crab Garden appears to be further away from opening.

A few blocks away on Gale Ave., Flaming Space has been replaced by another shabu house. Not sure about the name--maybe Red Pine?

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  1. Oh. And there is a Yummy hero. It's a bear with a cape and a big "Y" on his chest. He's carrying a spatula.

    1. Right you are! Red Pine Hot Pot. See other post for what appears to be work on a possible restaurant between Red Pine and Xu Garden at Four Seasons Plaza.