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Jan 29, 2014 02:06 PM

Ashland Oregon, Early 2014 Update

The OSF season opening is in just over three weeks. 2013 was a hard year on Ashland restaurants; some good changes, but some significant losses.


* Alex's Plaza Restaurant: Closed just last week. No word yet on any replacements.

* Boulton & Sons: Gone. Replaced by The Lunch Show.

* CJ's Bistro: Apparently closed--menu and website are down, business listed as being for sale.

* Happy Falafel: Closed, replaced by Campus Grill. We will miss their fries!

* Munchies: Closed. Space absorbed by Mix.


* Amuse: Reliable rumor has it that they will start serving lunch in 2014. We ate there during a couple of their test lunches and it was excellent and competitively priced vs. Larks or Standing Stone. Fries so good they might assuage the loss of Happy Falafel's fries.

* Chateaulin: Still in limbo. A notice for application for a liquor license was posted in September, and there have been signs of construction, but still not open.

* Deli Downstairs: Expanded into the former Larry's Cupcake space.

* Mix: Moved all their baking operations downstairs into the former Munchie's space. Upstairs is now all seating and the coffee bar.

* Playwright: Apparently on the market ( Anybody want to buy a pub?


* Alchemy Restaurant and Bar: Replaced the prior restaurant at the Winchester Inn. DInners most days and Sunday brunch. We haven't been yet but reviews are generally positive.

* Campus Grill: In the former Happy Falafel space, owned by the same people who own and run Red Zone.

* Oberon's Three-Penny Tavern: On the Plaza. Renaissance-themed tavern. Music and drink, not much food.

* Salame: On the Plaza in the former Grilla Bites location. Meat, meat, more meat in a general Mediterranean setting. Really good, especially the charcuterie.

* Sammich: Sandwich restaurant opened by former chefs from Cucina Biazzi. Good stuff, way way way above most of the other sandwich-only places in town. They're down on Bridge Street, just off Siskiyou.

* The Lunch Show: In the former Boulton and Sons space, providing some competition for Sammich and Deli Downstairs. Menu changes daily--I mean, the ENTIRE menu changes daily.

Cross your fingers for 2014!

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  1. Thanks! Is Liquid Assets and Lark's @ The Ashland Springs Hotel still around? We also loved Peerless. :)

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    1. re: syrahgirl

      They are all still there. Lark's recently changed menus and kept some, dropped some including the fried chicken at lunch (grrr...)

      1. re: w0x0f

        UPDATE: Fried chicken is back at Lark's for lunch. Yah!

    2. Very nice update, thanks!

      1. Caldera brewpub is fairly new. They have a small place with brews and a bit of food downtown.Out near the intersection of Highway 5 and 66 on Clover St.they have a large brewery and restaurant. They brew about thirty beers and have a fairly diverse menu. It is good food for pub food. My hubby had seared tuna salad and we split the burger which was very good and cooked perfectly with a good soft bun too. Nice knowledgeable friendly service too.