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Jan 29, 2014 01:47 PM

Sunday in Hyde Park with friends

We will be visiting the FDR Library in Hyde Park on Sunday and would like to spend some additional time with our friends over a meal -either brunch before the visit or early dinner after the visit. Any suggestions?

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  1. Where are you coming from/returning to? May broaden your options.

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      We are meeting friends who live in Ossining and we come from Fairfield County. We are coming from and returning to two different towns so must confine our time together to the area near Hyde Park.

    2. One of the restaurants at the CIA. They're just a few miles down the road.

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      1. re: rainey

        Aren't the CIA restaurants closed on Sundays?

      2. This might be a nice place for brunch: If you don't mind a short drive to Poughkeepsie, Alex's Restaurant is good: IMHO, I think that the CIA restaurants are overrated. There are other restaurants (Crave, A Tavola) within a 20-30 minute radius that are far better. The Apple Pie Bakery at the CIA ( is a nice experience, but the lines will probably be long on Sunday. They don't take reservations. Formosa is also good, but it's a short drive to Poughkeepsie (

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        1. re: applesauce23

          Thank you. Both those suggestions look very appealing.

        2. For lunch, the Hyde Park Brewing Company is almost directly across Rt. 9 from the entrance to the Visitor Center at the FDR home.

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          1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

            I will check out the menu. convenience means a great deal too!