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Jan 29, 2014 01:42 PM

Looking for a great restaurant to go before concert at Beacon Theatre

My sister and I are going into NYC to see a concert at Beacon Theatre. I was hoping to find a cool unique restaurant..Something with great atmosphere, could be quaint..I just don't want to take her to some large, no atmosphere place..Hoping to find something different and leaves us talking about it...
Any help or suggestions would be great and really appreciated!
Thank you!!

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  1. Salumeria Rosi is nearby, its "cozy" with a great wines by the glass menu and small plates style menu. Make a res, they can get busy

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    1. re: Ttrockwood

      Agreed. Make a reservation. Don't miss the brussels sprouts or the tripe.

        1. I watch a lot of shows at the Beacon.

          If we want something close to the theater, without much frills, but with good American food at good prices, we go across the street to Fairway Cafe. As long as you don't give a damn about the try-hard, but comical, service, you'll be fine. Plus, it has a locals ambiance in a very casual sort of way. If you get a window table, you can watch the going-ons at the front of the Beacon.

          If I want some good old Euro/French bistro and small plates stuff, I go to Nice Matin. Great wine list with plenty nuggets at great pricing, especially if you're a wine geek.

          A couple here had already mentioned Salumeria Rosi. We love the Italian goodies here. Very good service with great quality foods. Here's website, in case you need it.

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            I know some people are fans of Fairway Cafe but I find it overpriced for what it is (a cafe in the middle of a supermarket), cramped,uncomfortable, and noisy with food that is OK. Like the other suggestions, though, Nice Matin and Salumeria Rosi. If you like Turkish, Pasha (reserve) is quite good, a short walk and kind of quaint.

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              RCC, a bit more on just how good the wine list is. We talking about nuggets like a really good Cru Beaujolais or art unusual Sancerre producer; or nuggets like dozens and dozens of aged red Burgundy 1er and Grand Crus at great prices?

              1. re: Mike C. Miller

                Of course, MIke, every wine list is a YMMV. Let's just say that my personal experience in other same level Manhattan restaurants that I go to did not have similar wines that I prefer.

                I thought they had a robust wine list based on my preference. For example, and I'll relate based on a recent visit, I spotted in their list and ordered a bottle of a 2006 Clos Rougeard Les Poyeux for just slightly north of a C-note with just 40 minutes before our Beacon show. Very good pre-concert wine, an ex-chateau as per the Somm, can improve with more cellar time, but hard to pass up on a rare one even as wife and I had to rush drinking our bottle with 30 minutes to go before heading to Beacon.

                I'm curious ... why do you ask about wine list at NIce Matin?

            2. Oh, almost forgot, Red Farm is up that way now also. Have not been to the new location but we love the original.

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                Been twice to the new Red Farm location. Excellent on both visits.

              2. Some great suggestions and thank you for helping me out. Concert is next week, so hoping to just decide and make reservations if necessary. Thank you all for you help.