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Jan 29, 2014 01:35 PM

Can you buy SD microbrews in the supermarket?

We are visiting San Diego for 7 weeks and keep hearing about all the micro brews. We thought we might try to pick up something interesting to have at home during the super bowl. We will probably visit one of the breweries too at some point, but meanwhile, are some of the beers offered at the local stores-we are in Pacific Beach but I am willing to trek a bit if need be.

thanks and go hawks!

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  1. Yes, you can at most regular supermarkets although the selection tends to the average or mainstream selections or local breweries that are still learning how to brew.

    Not sure of a decent craft beer bottle shop in PB, but just go down to Ocean Beach (across one of those bridges to the south) and go to Olive Tree Market for a great selection of local and other craft beers and the sandwiches are tasty too.

    *edit* if you go to a brewery try to check out Societe (up in Kearny Mesa area). Pizza Port Ocean Beach, Stone Liberty Station, Coronado on Morena Blvd, and Ballast Point Little Italy are all close by as well. Societe and Coronado do not have a restaurant but usually have food trucks. Have fun!

    1. KnB Cellars in Del Cerro (not particularly close to PB, 10-15 minute drive in moderate traffic) has a very good selection of local craft brews.

      Windmill Farms (next door to KnB) has an even better selection.

      The Best Damn Beer Shop - -a downtown on 7th has an outstanding selection of local beers

      1. The selection at the WholeFoods in La Jolla is quite good, some Albertsons are also good, as well as BevMo which has different locations throughout SD

        1. The local BevMos carry a wide selection of local San Diego beers. The exception is Alpine Brewery whose beers are difficult to find outside the brewery.

          1. Another spot for a great selection of local beers (and other craft & imported beers) is the Keg & Bottle liquor store on Mt. Acadia in Clairemont. It's a couple of doors down from Meritza's Mexican restaurant (also a good spot!). Be sure to go into their walk-in refrigerated "beer cave" (as they call it).

            Be forewarned, though. This place is in a pretty revolting shopping center, esthetics-wise. But if you can get past that, you'll find lots of local beers to enjoy during the game.